Monday, 24 October 2011

Quilts and quilts and quilts....

 Mum and I went to the Eastern Palliative Care Quilt Show, in Nunnawading, on Saturday.  What a treat!!  

Also - I was allowed to take P.H.O.T.O.S - what a change to many many other displays!  (had to change cameras half way through to the phone (bl***y batteries)  (so some if not most are not Highly Professional, but you know what you get when you visit W.G.!)  
(Click on the photo to get a larger photo to read the names)

I loved the delicate fabrics in this pale pale quilt:  anyone know of the Lily of the Valley pink fabric?

This was first prize for the Raffle - (no contact phone call to say I'd won...did they lose my number ;)  )

I picked this one as my Viewers Choice - Liberty Blocks in the most interesting sashing!!!  Gotta store that little bit of difference....loved the fine fine pencil stripe of the background  - a lovely change to white.

 Angie Northrup also made this one:  again - a stunner!

An 1800's Quilt - unbelievably well preserved!!

Now - thank you to each and every person who helped me with deciding on the backing of my + and x quilt - many of you loved the Aunt Grace scottie dogs - and me too! - but with indecision looming over my head, (mainly due to be terribly tired) Hubbie was consulted (which he says he loves to do, bless this man) and he thought the grey AMH fabric was more the go.  I concurred but I could not let go of my they starred in a twice enlarged + block and a substantial strip (plus some red and whites Sherbert Pips).

Off to the Basters tomorrow (best money spent I say!) and then it will come with me to be quilted at

Friday, 21 October 2011

Turning 12

DD2 just became 12 years old - this is what she looks like...

G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S inside and out

Nuff with the paparazi!

4 days before party - DD2 asks how the Dr Who cake is going?  Oh, bummer, forgot about that!  A quick online search and 2 images picked, email sent, a couple of calls, confusion of time and space then Voila!

One Dr Who Cake - weird angle makes DT look quite evil!  It even has its own 'Crack in Time'
This was a bit of a bugger to get on the cake nicely, I have to say - not as easy as they say it is!

(this was a Cherry Choc Cake - recipe from here - but it sank amazingly in the middle so I filled the middle with Morello cherries and Choc ganache and then covered the lot with the edible picture)
Still Yum - phew!

Teppanyaki was so much FUN!!!!  (anyone notice the Birthday Hat - Fezzes are Cool!)

Some egg tossing....

Some omelette catching....

This was the (1st) Party Cake  - this cake topper was really good - much happier with this one - on a Choc Hazelnut Sponge (store bought - yes! that's fine!!)

All the kids took a piece home - "I'll have Matt Smith's nose"..
.."the Tardis for me please"...
."I'll have David Tennant's hair...and his lips" (that was DD2)...