Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My WIPs have been Whippyed!

Something went 'ding' in my brain and I motored for a couple of sewing sessions to finish some quilt tops that just needed that little bit more?  Have you got many of those? 

This is my Full Moon Forest Medallion Quilt - started...well lets say a while ago as a Quilt-along here - have to say 'not easy' probably cos I'm not that comfortable with creating my own design and then having to work out maths to get it all to fit!  BUT  I did have fun and I am really pleased that 
1. it is finished sortov and 2. it's my design and 3. that I actually like it ;)

A lolly pink vintage chenille bedspread will the backing - I have a falling over pile of chenille which I have collected and never done anything with...UNTIL now!! 
Don't know about batting though - the chenille is heavy - does it still need batting?  Ideas anyone?

I posted before putting these photos in - applique-ing my hexies onto the quilt top using this foot No. 5 Bernina - I think it is called an Edge Stitching Foot??- made a huge difference of keeping the stitch as close to the edge as possible while not creating a flap cos 1/4 " is just too wide.
   Just remember to readjust your needle position to the side - 
I clicked mine 2 positions to the right of normal (edit: I mean to the LEFT of normal - I really do have a problem with this ;)  )

I had technically finished my Basket Case Pattern quilt - I am naming this one British Blues because I got the English fabric as a jelly roll - never seen this range anywhere, but boy, is it striking!

I wanted a border of random ribbons escaping off the page, and decided to do just 2 sides - I rather like the eclectic look of the patten being in the corner of the quilt and not so 'square'??

The backing was fun, because I just chose some fantastic blues from my Kaffe Fassett box - YUM! (blue mums on side are Martha Negley)  I love walking up my stairs and being greeted with this explosion of blue and green!  Not really sure yet how to quilt it - the ribbons run under each other so if I do straight lines they will intersect and form squares which I don't want - I could just quilt the white middle bits, but in what pattern??  Hmmmmm  creating always gives you something to natter your brain over....

 The pair are a-waiting a rather large but elegant machine to get ready - well actually more like the operator to get ready...more on that soon...GRIN!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Pressies from Canberra

Going in the Name Tag Swap late did sortov mean that the thrill of revealing your own name tag to the group was lost, BUT I was thrilled none the less with the lovely one made by Danielle of Petit Elefants

Thank you so much Danielle!  I love the bunting (very me), the quilting is divine and I love the embroidery!

This is what I made for Danielle - just HAD to use my blue and white petit elefants fabric and I had this strange epiphany to made red elephant ears - I do hope others can see the ears! (not that easy to make I have to say)  I had a shock thought that maybe Danielle had huge ears and that these would be highly offensive - thankfully not true at all!!

The Sample Swap is truly a highlight of SIT for me - after sweating over my Granny Square Cushions - would people like them?  would they hate the colours? would they op-shop them quick as a wink? I couldn't think any more of them, cos I was just in love with MY presents from 5 other lovely ladies:

A gorgeous flower complete with real twig from Sarah of Giftscreated -

Lisa from theredthread - a super sweet birdie cushion - love the vintage barkcloth wing and the red polkadots backing - perfect for my couch!  I was a little bit worried about getting it into my suitcase to come home, but no probs at all!  Lisa also donated some lovely embroidery panels for everyone's goody bag - definitely a Christmas present idea!

Last but not least presents are from Cass - Snailblazer - organiser of Sample Swap for 3rd (?) time running - and she runs it well!!!  Cass made cup holders with SIT 2012 written on linen and lovely granny square fabric - had to pick the Granny!
Then a great zippered pouch from Fiona - from bee-abi - perfect for my new ball of wool, my so so pretty crochet hook and my growing Granny Square! (all from Renae of Suzy Hausfrau)
Then a lovely pouch and needle book from Julie of Relish - gorgeous colours and tiny patchwork - love the tiny donut!

The Handmade Market in Canberra was simple fantastic - very impressed with quality of goods and wide variety of things that made me want to part with my money!

Just a little bit of my goodies - a very turquoisey/aqua splurge - 

Something to hang on the wall to make me smile!
I can put myself in the middle of this picture and dream away!

Peoples from Canberra

and FB SIT

A very big Bloggy Thank You to Sheridan and Donna - the leaders of the team who make all of this happen - you guys are a driving force behind an event that is super special:
for many who don't have crafty bloggy friends to chat to,
for those who need a weekend away from everyday life,
for those who want to catch up in real life, when online just doesn't cut it for hugs and smiles,
for taking so much time and effort for all of us who come
we all appreciate the fantastic things you do, even when we don't really know how many womanhours it has taken to get this far.

Some wool bought was my only thing on 'need' list and some extras just happened to fall into my arms on Friday Shopping Trip - the Bison excursion was great - but absolutely confused me - cos I honestly couldn't decide - i walked around and around that store picking things up and putting things down - so confusing so didn't get a photo of the rainbow of colours - see Wendy's post for the colours!

Then lastly to Shop Handmade - great shop and very welcoming with glasses of bubbly and scrumptious macarons!

Here's part of our group digesting the treats!

 and here are some truly awful photos of Saturday's sewing and chatting and swapping and dancing!

A little bit of excitement/annoyance/v.v. cold wait outside on Sat night when the fire alarm went off at 2am!

I think Cas's face says it all!

Sunday was a bit of a blur for me - I'm not really sure if I got back to sleep after the fire alarm, so I might have been a walking zombie for Sunday's Stencil Workshop, organised once more by the amazing Sheridan!

These are my results - the first used a premade stencil - loved doing the graduating colour blends!

My own stencil - not really want I imagined - as inspiration I read an article on the newspaper covering the table - a very sad and disturbing piece about the people in Kinglake still suffering terribly after the Fires in 2009 - mental illness, hospitalisation and suicide. The word 'Angel' caught my eye somewhere else on the paper and I instantly thought that these people need angellic help - this became my image for my stencil - try as I might I could not draw angel wings to my liking and went a more simplistic style - I wanted a host of gold and silver angel wings, blue ones sky tipped - the stencilling was really relaxing and I enjoyed it alot.

Judy and Cas

Wendy's many designs
Cas's pears

Sarah's fantastic designs and Peta in the background

Top of Mt Ainslie - thanks again Kylie for our little bus tour around parts of Canberra then onto the airport
A great time was had by all - beautiful weather, smiley faces, hugs and kisses and 
lots of Hellos and Hugs Goodbye!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Granny Squares for the couch

We have been given the go-ahead to show our Sample Swap offerings at SIT in Canberra this weekend - this is where 6 people form a circle, do a little dance (yes, compulsory), and place a item that they have lovingly made for the other 5 participants joining in.
It is great fun - both to make (well, maybe a little nervewracking, cos, you know, it is a huge representation of the quality of your sewing (NO, not really!!!)
People make allsorts of really different things - exactly what SIT is all about - different people with different crafty loves and blogging styles, but we want to hang out together and learn about each other and catch up with each other's lives.

My winning collection (from Hawthorne Threads) of Washi Tape by Rashida Coleman-Hale (she even posted a comment on Flickr that she loves them - big hug to you Rashida!)

Thanks Louise for the suggestion of Granny Squares cushions

These are 3.5" (not the regular 2.5") with Quilter's Linen by Robert Kaufman for the 'background' solids.

Just realised I hadn't taken a full size photo of the magenta one - 2nd from the top!
Too lazy to do it now

Wacky photo but here are the backs - this was harder to choose than the fronts, that's for sure - I'm not a big user of solids, even a non-solid solid like this fabric, so it was a bit of a struggle.

Some recycled ribbon for the stays.

Not a zip in sight

For this, I should be thanked. You really didn't want Me to sew that in!!

I hope others like them
Hubbie has put his order in; he likes the magenta one the best - who'd thought!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Animal Farm skirt

Simplicity 2226
Saw it round the traps....Jennifer, Anna,(Anna has a sew-along tute of this too - ACE!) and Bec too, with a super cute skirt worn to latest SASE with MMQG
Had some g-or-geous linen blend fabric by Isso Ecco
Thought I would cut it up!
I am actually 3 days late for Curly Pops May Skirt Sew Along - but that's me, always trying to catch up to the popular kids...besides, I was thinking and planning in May, does that count?

 I am absolutely amazed that I have 99.9% finished this skirt and it is not bad, if I say so myself....not great, not terrific, not spectacular, but not terrible too
Clothing patterns typically do my head in; the instructions never seem to match the pictures (if there are any) and the jargon is beyond me sometimes

After a few curse words with gathering (so hard to get it right and the threads always break), then unpicking the yoke 3 times, the zip was a whole other matter  - I got through it on a wing and a prayer...please don't ask me how to put a zip into a skirt...I still don't know ;)

 the end result I think is kinda cute and hopefully I will wearing it to Canberra this weekend - I'm going to need thick thick tights and merino singlets and my biggest cowl neck scarf I can muster

Ruby's not so sure about the 'all animals are equal' business...she definitely is more equal than others!