Friday, 30 December 2011

After the storm

Christmas has come and gone - lovely day with in-laws for Summer Fruit and Croissant breakfast at our house, then a late lunch at my parents of Turkey, Ham (and Pork for all the little piggies who needed more on their plate!), roast vegies and oh so yummy Plum Pud!  Have I told you about my mum's Pud?  We had the 'old' one!! hehehe It was The BEST!  I also love cold plum pud for snacks for days after oh yeah!

Well we still have the tree up and various pressies under it, cos certain members of the family can't seem to get back to us as to when they are 'free' for us to pop over with pressies for them and the kids.

How many times do we need to ask?

Would it be wrong to do a drive-by and THROW the presents onto their porch!!!  

'Fraid the Christmas spirit is flying away here....

Some photos of a present for my pasta-adoring DD1 - so she can have pasta coming out her ears!!!

Hubbie loves making Lasagna - and we love eating it!

A long overdue photo of DD1's textile project at school:  a request for fabric was given the all-clear to raid the stash and she chose some zebra print (an oppy find that was just waiting for her!), and some Scotty dogs for the internals.  
I think she did a fantastic job!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Christmas Tag List and a Self-y or two

Running out of time to get some naff Christmas cards for the neighbours and the cousins....print your own - race down to Officeworks and grab some stiff card paper - 210gsm weight as least - it will only take a min or two!!! and start your own collection of instant card/tag downloadables that are ready at the touch of a printer are just a few I've collected.....


EatDrinkChic  - just scroll, scroll, scroll - faves are the red and aqua deers!

Hey Look - mint and coral or green and pink? do I have to decide?

My girl Thursday - these are love-r-ly retro

Bear and Squirrel and Owl tags - divine!! (Can SOMEONE design some fan-bloody-tastic Aussie ones)
linked from Studio Morran - RIP Morran

Super cute blobs!  Also by Camilla Engman

Cute if not a little 'snow-y' 
Helen Dardek's 2010 tags - I think I love these more - her designs are sooo appealing!
and some more HD! - I use the French Cat all the time for my girl's friends presents - they always love it!

Feathers -  Inspired!!!

Mini doodles cards  - love to do a spot of doodling (if only I had time to do doodling!!!)

Fabric Bookmarks - can never have enough bookmarks I say!!

Some Christmas Eve Family Self-ies!!!

This is, of course, Ruby - OMG NOT THE CAMERA

Ha - Gotcha!

Pippi - "I must endure..."

Merry Christmas to all from us at Whippet Good  
Hope you all have a happy, relaxing and most importantly safe and secure Christmas time
Please be careful driving to the relies or to your holiday home - 
(and no falling down stairs!)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Just a little bit of sugar

A present for a music teacher Whippy-d up quick!

from here!

Monday, 19 December 2011

A retreat from it all

Some randomness amongst all the Christmassy excitement:  long overdue piccies of MMQG Hepburn retreat in November; only a snippet of what we did over 4 days; too busy for too many photos; too many lovely places to visit, eat, drink, chat, watch movies, drink cocktails, and sew sew sew!

I really should be writing my essays, but I'm fluffing around with this - must get off this computer!

Friday, 9 December 2011

December Sunshine

 Yay! Photos are reappearing here on Whippy Goodness - blog is not a blog without some sort of pictorial voyeurism!

Melbourne is having the most beautiful pre-Christmas days  - maybe a little hot for those out and about, but for those who have the 'um' luxury of being at home in a chair (or beanbag) all day long; it's the BOMB!

My first walk outside enjoying my Spring Flourishing Garden:

Yes, I said 'walk' - I'm up and about now - Wahoo - albeit slow and steady I have great plans of exercising on the 'evil' stairs - okay maybe just 3 or 4 at first - my muscles are so weak and my bum has slid down so low that I will need implants sometime soon, just so I look like I have one! (apparently most common plastic surgery - who'd thunk it?)
Still in The Chair, but certain people in the house are talking, just quietly about 'bed' sleeping, just a suggestion, see how it goes kinda thing..,,,
I think I feel a little attached to the thing I've been sleeping in for past 3 weeks and as weird as it sounds I'm just a little nervous about doing the 'normal' thing again....what if it hurts? what if I can't get out? what if?????
Amazing how pain can change your psyche but it is amazing how we can change our brain!
Wish me luck!

Ooh - It's Christmas time isn't it - I have almost missed it all! - here's a little sample of some late (for us) decorating:
Despite my (quietly) anti-northern hemisphere snow laden Christmas scenes for our Summer Australian Christmas, which means sunshine, beachtime, bbqs (to me!); edit: I've just thought of more things that mean Christmas in Summer to me: MANGOS, cherries, nectarines - I love my Summer Fruit! (but still addicted to Plum Pudding!)
My DD2 was Desperate and I mean Desperate for a Winter Theme of Silver, White and Blue

The angel on top needs serious flying be remedied


My DD2 Rocks big time!