Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I need a Doctor....who?

Did that excellent Dalek sketch stick in your brain for many many minutes? Well here is the final result - the artist is v.v. proud of herself - I am too cos she is one to often knock her ability to draw and paint and won't try as a result.

This is by my 10 year old daughter who, for a very long time, would introduce herself to complete strangers, as David Tennant's WIFE!!  With a grin from ear to ear.

Major Crush Factor in our household.

 or do you like the newbie?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Winter Weekend Part 2

Outside fire smelt beautiful with fresh lavender cut getting toasty

Some yucky black bins and garden pots are being turned...

This was a great sketch of a Dalek!! by a Die-hard Doctor Who Fan

Me? I spray some gold around  - kindov extravagant like that hehe! 

A Winter Weekend

This is a gorgeous pillow that D1 made over the weekend - she chose the fabrics and designed the layout, and sewed it all - it looks simply fantastic in her room!

 (Can you see little Pony peeking out? - she thinks it is so pretty and super comfy - she feels like she is resting in a bed of flutterbys)

A Gorgeous Winter Day in Our Garden

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lines and circles

Australasian Bee Block for Kellie of Marmys on Flickr- quilt as you go - Kellie provided the 10 inch batting, white thread and colourful scraps which I sewed up a treat - if I may say so myself!!

It was surprisingly easy and a Great Idea!!
Not exactly sure how the backing is attached to the finished quilt top - but will be looking out keenly.

I chose all the circle fabrics:

Little g-nome!

Some Sunday afternoon spur-of-the-moment sewing - AMH's voile - so soft, buttery, silky, sweet
Wore it to work the next day!

(I felt a little bit special)

(Edit:  Judy did contact me about this issue and explained that I needed to use a proper Drunkard's Path Template, which allows for seam allowance difficulties - free hand cutting will produce this problem!
More gadgets to buy  - 'sigh' - if anyone has one they don't need or use - let me know!  Happy to do some swapping!