Sunday, 22 February 2009

A New Day of Hope

This is the logo you can place on your blog if you would like to be involved, even in some small way, with the Bushfire Quilting Bee, happening on Sat 21st March, in Ashburton, Vic.

See Jan's post for all the details.

(I found the block on a free quilting clipart site - I felt that the rising sun signified a new beginning - a new day - a new start to life - hope!)

Check out your stash for some lovely fabrics, some batting, that huge backing piece that you are not going to use anymore, maybe some spools of thread, a collection of yo-yos you made two years ago, packets of needles or just your time and effort.... really the list could go on and on!

(wow -I have edited this page so many times! I had to mention thanks already to Cherrie of Willywagtail who has offered to donate a quilt top!)

If you would like instructions to put the picture on your blog:
(edited - this are 'Blogger' instructions)

simply right-click on the logo on my sidebar (this is a smaller version of the one above)

click on 'Save Image As' and save it to your favourite spot on your computer files eg. 'blog'

then go to your 'Layout' page within your blog

click on 'Add a Gadget'

choose 'Picture'

upload the saved image and use this address in the 'link' bar:

don't forget to press Save!


CurlyPops said...

Thanks Bronwyn, I've added it to my blog!

willywagtail said...

Thanks so much for the reminder. My memory is hopeless and I had totally forgotten but I will get onto this immediately and you never know it might even get sent this week. ;0 Cherrie