Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Christmas Tag List and a Self-y or two

Running out of time to get some naff Christmas cards for the neighbours and the cousins....print your own - race down to Officeworks and grab some stiff card paper - 210gsm weight as least - it will only take a min or two!!! and start your own collection of instant card/tag downloadables that are ready at the touch of a printer are just a few I've collected.....


EatDrinkChic  - just scroll, scroll, scroll - faves are the red and aqua deers!

Hey Look - mint and coral or green and pink? do I have to decide?

My girl Thursday - these are love-r-ly retro

Bear and Squirrel and Owl tags - divine!! (Can SOMEONE design some fan-bloody-tastic Aussie ones)
linked from Studio Morran - RIP Morran

Super cute blobs!  Also by Camilla Engman

Cute if not a little 'snow-y' 
Helen Dardek's 2010 tags - I think I love these more - her designs are sooo appealing!
and some more HD! - I use the French Cat all the time for my girl's friends presents - they always love it!

Feathers -  Inspired!!!

Mini doodles cards  - love to do a spot of doodling (if only I had time to do doodling!!!)

Fabric Bookmarks - can never have enough bookmarks I say!!

Some Christmas Eve Family Self-ies!!!

This is, of course, Ruby - OMG NOT THE CAMERA

Ha - Gotcha!

Pippi - "I must endure..."

Merry Christmas to all from us at Whippet Good  
Hope you all have a happy, relaxing and most importantly safe and secure Christmas time
Please be careful driving to the relies or to your holiday home - 
(and no falling down stairs!)

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Clair said...

Merry, merry Christmas to all at the Whippit Good household.
Thanks for all the lovely's been great fun reading them.