Monday, 22 April 2013


This is my sister - she may not thank me for posting her photo here - I also had ones with her and me, but I am so ghastly in photos it is not funny and sometimes it is....

unfortuately, her fiance (at the time) was not able to get here in time for gift giving before the wedding, which I so wanted him for.

She and I and everyone there cried and hugged and it was a very emotional gift giving and receiving.  I am so so glad that both she and her man love it dearly, which warms my heart so much.

The Oakshott quilt - now renamed 'Burn' because......

Their wedding quilt - not for 'the bed' as seems so smirkly suggested, but just a couch quilt to snuggle under was quickly designed once a pattern from Oakshott website was seen through a link:H elen Howes Textiles Tiger Tiger - titled from William Blake's poem: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright 

After much play and thought and play and reconsideration of placement of blocks, I liked a more vertical arrangement, making them more as trees (in my mind). I was being led to a more organic state of mind, thinking of sky sun and earth being so similar from both bride and groom's background.

It was my expression of the two countries of Australia and South Africa being one - having so much colour in common - deep blue hues for sky, hot burning yellows and oranges for the sun and earthy reds and browns for earth, touched with cool greens for the flora and blues for the waters.

When my sister told me about her Wedding Exit Song: Burn Your Name by Powderfinger - this I knew I had to incorporate it somehow.

 An iconic Aussie rockband playing in a 12th century english church. I loved it!!

Kerrie from BlackForest Quilting in Macedon came to my rescue after tears of frustration at my quilting machine and helped realise my dream of how I thought it could be. 'Cool Water' was the quilting pattern for majority of the quilt - thanks to Jeannette for this suggestion - it was perfect.

Burn your name right across the sky
So I never forget what the feeling's like
I want every single soul to know
that I love you for what you are
So I sound the bells that praise your precious heart

I have to admit that the end result was Not exactly how I thought it would be in my mind and my finishing mistakes did not help that at all, But,
the faults I know and can see is completely negated by the love felt by her and by me
and that is all that counts.



Kirsten said...

This is stunning Bronwyn! The colours of the Oakshotts are so beautiful and I love the meaning behind all of the quilted details too.

ARTwendy ... said...

perfectly imperfectly made .... love that song ... well done sister!

Camilla said...

It's is beautiful! I came over from Kirsten's blog, good to find you-just thought I'd say I popped in!

Kylie said...

I am so pleased that you were able to pull it all together.
Bron, It looks great. I'm pleased she loves it. It was the perfect gift for her.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

What a truly beautiful and meaningful quilt! Perfect! xo

Anna said...

Bronwyn! I totally failed to tell you yesterday how beautifully I thought this came out. The words are so beautiful and I'm so glad you were able to get the quilting sorted in the end because having that verse makes it so extra special. But the wide view of the colours - all those Oakshotts - totally gorgeous, so symbolic, I just love it. Well done :)

Anonymous said...

Big sister - I only just saw these posts! We do love that quilt so much. I can never express how much I appreciate the time, sweat and love that went into making it.Love love love! xx