Thursday, 20 May 2010

I'm FMQ!!!!

I bit the bullet and started my first Free Motion Quilting with my new, though not so new, little baby with its tricks and bells - I think I'm addicted!!  
I had this quilt and this quilt professionally basted - am v.v. pleased with not having to worry about shifting layers and puckers and the like (which happened with Every Other Method I Tried!)

Just doing little random swirly loops and dives; no pressure to stick to pattern, just fun!!

This is fun too! Got some beautiful hanky linen from Tessutis Fabric in the city (on a little shopping outing during SIT) - doesn't it go beautifully with Nicey Jane, which I LOVE

This: not so beautifully!!!
Bought the Curve Master Foot for mastering curves - WELLLLLL - not yet!!!

Has anyone got this - and can they tell me please - what am I doing wrong??????

(I have contacted Judy from the shop, but as yet to hear back (I think she's in a show in Perth))

(Edit:  Judy did contact me and explained that I needed to use a proper Drunkard's Path Template, which allows for seam allowance difficulties - free hand cutting will produce this problem!
More gadgets to buy - if anyone has one they don't need or use - let me know!  Happy to do some swapping!) 


Wendy . . . said...

Whoooo hooo!
Awesome with the FMQ!
Bring it next time for show n'tell!

Andi said...

Your quilting looks wonderful.
Where do you get your basting done?
Andi :-)

Katy said...

I keep looking at the curved piecing foot thingy and wondering whether I should buy it. The woman demonstrating it made it look so easy. She said 'you can't go wrong' which made me think she must be telling fibs...surely you can? I'll keep my eyes peeled to see what your tips are on getting it right, and maybe bite the bullet and get one myself ;)

That linen looks great with the nicey jane. I love that line - it's beautiful.

Have fun FMQing - looks like you've got that nailed!

Krafty KJ said...

Good to see you rusing that BSR! Must get onto that with my machine. I will also listen out for any adcive about the curved edge foot - I know Nothing!!

Cathy said...

fmq is so addictive isn't it? Looking fabulous! I don't have a curved foot thingy..intriuging xo

XUE said...

I did curved piecing as my first quilt a couple of months back. It turned out alright (I think!) & the pic is on my latest post. I use a normal foot & use more pins to hold everything in position. I love my BSR but I don't think I would buy a Curved Piece Foot since I managed without one.

Anonymous said...

I bought the curved foot - expensive. Never could get it to work. Anyone wants to buy it from me I will gladly sell it.