Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Colours and Places

Been working on my Whirly Gigs and HST 's for my R&A Swap - not tooo sure about the tulip fabric - just a smidgen of green shows up - is this against the R&A rules of etiquette? Love love my red egg fabric - got lots of this - makes me happy!

One more block for Joseph's Coat Quilt-along - not my best placement or sewing or maybe even fabric selection???

Hubbie & I were lucky enough to have 4 days in Wellington, NZ a little while ago. Very picturesque city with very friendly people!!

From the Botanical gardens, the views are delicious!!

Some of the great Welly architecture

A Fruit and Veg market in the city - my heart lept at the crate loads of feijoas - YUM! and the very very cheap tomatoes on vines (only the best)

We stayed at the fun and quirky Museum Hotel - Hippo cracks me up!

We hired a car on Saturday and drove about an hour north-east to Greytown, Martinborough and Carterton.
This shop was a collector's dream - I only had about 5 mins though, as they were closing!  I ran around like a mad woman, saying to hubbie - look, look, at this and this!!!

I was drooling over this most beautiful display cabinet - Antique French mahogany - couldn't you just see your fabric stash in those spaces, though at $7000, well, no.

If you look closely you can see the amazingly fragile mountain road safety barrier - do they seriously think sticks of wood tied together with wire will hold back a plunging vehicle??????

A rare photo of me

The pretty pretty lights along Oriental Bay, Wellington

Friday, 23 April 2010

Some pretty piccies...

Okay, so I am a bad bad blogger - nada, nothing, zero from me in many many weeks!
Easter hols, school hols, Overseas hols...here is a montage of stuff, so that Whippet Good is finally back on the top of people's blogroll list as actually alive!!

My collection of Carltonware is growing! Oh, NZ is a plethora of antiquities! What NZ? more to come....

Some more Cath Kidston mugs - oh so pretty!

Had to visit Minerva in Cuba Street, Wellington - spend hours there, literally, browsing the endless shelves of textile books - heaven on a street!  Bought the last copy of 'World Sweet World'...sigh.....I really really liked this mag!

Picked these up to start my collection of Outlander series (read them all, just need them on my shelf, you know how it is)

My mum gave this book to me when she travelled NZ - the creations are superb!  Go NZ wool!

An early birthday present to myself - so so so good!  My fave so far!!

Some random piccies of Easter at the beach - the sky is so big and beautiful - love a good storm cloud!

A replica of the 'Endeavour' - I got to haul some ropes and hubbie climbed them!!  We all loved it!

Pippi had a good time - do you think she is telling a joke?