Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bees and roses

These are February Bee Blocks for Australasian Bee - for Amy of Seven Stitches

Very very cute retro inspired domestic images in reds and yellows and black and grey - squares in a square design, with alternating coloured frames.

Here are the little piles of my fabric cos March is my month:  (Edit: had to remove photo)  I am wanting lots of roses - all pink or all green or a little of both - crazy pieced, scrappy and all different sizes - I raided my pink stash and my green stash - two stashes that are HUMUNGOUS and needed a bit of fresh air.  

I have a bit of AMH, AB, spots, birds, flowers, feathers, vines and more.....

Check here on my flickr page for more info or more ideas

Am I simply mad to ask for any size (I did this too for my Kaffe wonky stars - which I love love love but boy, it took alot of head space to get them all together.
That reminds me - must take more photos of quilt - it is finished!!!

Taking Liberties

Some little precious pieces of Liberty of London fabrics flew all the way across the seas, just for me!  Well, I did pay a little bit for them, but I hope they are happy in their new home!

2 1/2 inch squares - 300 to be exact (bought in 3 x 100 lots off ebay, and not en-tire-ly sure I got an exact 100 each time????. Yes have tried to count them, but get distracted with a new one I see, and forget which number I'm up to)  Only a few double ups too!

My girls thought I was mad as for days I took over the lounge room floor to arrange, rearrange, add some more, take some away, put them into groups and generally fuss over them like a mother hen.

Here are some (albeit fussy photos) of just a smattering of my favourites:

I have some ideas for them - a colourwash quilt and as the middle of a cathedral quilt.  I bought them exactly for this last project - but I have this strange idea that I don't want the fabric covered up in Any way, which the curved arcs of the window will do - isn't that weird?  (The arcs are millimetres wide!!!)

I also feel that I want to hand sew these babies  - may be perfect for a project to take up to SIT in Sydney in a few weeks time (yay!), though not sure how I would do this with the colourwash pattern - should I just wing it and sew colour / tone / pattern groups together or have a written plan and label everything etc.

Have you tried a colourwash quilt before - what are your tips for a beautiful flow of colour and pattern?

Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm seeing stars!

Is anyone going to Ballarat this Wednesday to see Kaffe Fassett in 'concert'???

I have a 'golden' ticket and I am driving up sometime Wednesday (took the day off work yaHOOOO!), catch up with some old friends, take in the sights of beautiful Balla, and go and listen to some fabric design genius!!

This is my 'Kaffe Stars' Quilt - from Around the Block Block Swap - just the top so far, though I have to get some shots of it quilted and bound now.
More on that later...

(photo taken at Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild  - first meet for 2011 - great fun!)

I would really love to know if you are going - we could car pool or meet up for coffee?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

cathedral window pillow close up

This is a lovely suggestion of what to do with those pretty little pieces of vintage linen, collected now and then, and never used or converted. I have finally found EXACTLY what I will do - Thank you bearpawandbearpaw!!!

Never thought I would

Even though I am on a fabric diet (see sidebar reminder), I'm sure that doesn't include other crafty paraphenalia such as.......


I have had my eye on this book for maybe years now?, though it is not very old - bit of a whim buying it, thinking "love the concept, but never going to execute...."
Well, I surprised myself, but actually sewing my very first cathedral window

and it wasn't that hard!!!!!

I love an example of a wall hanging of CW's - this is my inspiration....I have some little lovelies coming my way soon, which could be perfect for a window collection......

Lynne makes the most stunning designs with many different colours (she does love batiks, which I could take or leave, though they Are highly effective in this medium), and then different shaped windows, which gives movement and interest and are amazing!!

The author has made the book extremely easy to read - very light and conversational - she gives little snippets of advice here and there - this one is a GEM: