Friday, 29 March 2013

Done and Dusted

A final shot of the quilt that has taken up my mindspace for nearly 10 months

My hubbie heard an audible sigh of relief that it is finished - sewn, quilted, bound, washed, dried, ironed, labelled, photographed, and now, blogged - not fully mind you - cannot show everything about it or give full details....that will come my lovelies ;)

A small history of the Oakshotts quilt is Here

Now, it is homeward bound, where hopefully, it will be loved and cherished.  I think it will, I really do.
Exciting times ahead!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Love Liberty

They must have know it was my birthday this week - my name was pulled from hundreds of entries (if not 1000!) into the Amitie Love Liberty Bundle giveaway


How special are these??

Liberty is not for everyone....I understand that, but each and every print is so beautiful, even when plain - I can't explain it; maybe the luxuriousness of the tana lawn cloth just puts you in textile heaven for a moment

These following are photos of more or less my favourites - Amitie is so sneaky - cos now I want yardage of certain ones in particular for a silky shirt, and they have tempted me so!!

This one makes me grin!!!

I am going to need Your Help with choosing what do to with them - I have no idea!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

My + & x - take #2

My + & x - take #2 by Whippet Good
My + & x - take #2, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.

My lot for the Bee Bold Bee - still more to do - lots by my fellow Bee Bold Bee members!

sashing to do inbetween - I think this will be a pick up and put down quilt - little by little it will grow!!!

Buzzing like a bee

The MMQG's Bee Bold Bee:
MJ's super easy, super simple half circle raw edge applique - 'snickerdoodles!!'

Catherine's super easy, super simple block of red and aqua (I think I've seen that combo around here before....;)

AusMod Bee through Flickr
Jane's not so easy and definititely not simple
paper pieced block.

64 pieces per block people!

Well, once the shock for this one time only paper piecer was over, it did come together relatively easily.  There were quite a few seams of unpicking, a little bit of fudging, the lines don't all line up I'm afraid, hundreds of bias edges may be the reason??

I am glad it is over...BUT I am glad I had to do it!

It has actually inspired me to to do more paper piecing!!!
The next in-my-head project is to make this with Twiddletails' Geese in the Forest pattern.

Who is with me??
We can curse and rip together!!