Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Buzzy Bee Blocks

AusMod Bee - Kirsten from Gemini Stitches chose May as her month - sending us all the fabulous collecton of Chicopee - 'acidic' comes to mind to describe these fabric colours - not in a negative sense - not at all - but the yellows, greens even oranges and pinks have some kind of quality that makes me think of the sweet tartness of lemons - is that weird???
 We got to make AMH's Feather block again - wow - making them a second time was a breeze! Though bias edges causing warping is a Devil!!

MY month for the Bee was April and I have received The Most Fabulous Blocks!!
I realised that I have a HUGE collection of red and aqua, with quite a bit of teal thrown in as well - it is obviously what I gravitate towards when fabric surfing online and in shops and really, it was getting ridiculous, so this is what I chose for my colour theme (with a little bit of soft orange in for good luck)

I chose the block theme as anything the Bee members liked from the Summer Sampler Series, by Fresh Lemon Quilts  - and some other fave blocks I posted about.  I think that it can be difficult to be given carte blanche on the block that you have to produce - but it also may challenge people to try a block they have been thinking of for awhile, or can give them a needed break by choosing something simple - simple or not, I was happy with what ever was chosen.  Even multiple blocks of the same pattern was not an issue - everyone got a fairly unique package of fabric to choose from.

I have 20 blocks so far - just waiting on 8 more - they are truly Fantastic!!!
It is going to make a huge quilt - but I LOVE huge quilts-  hmmm sashing or no sashing?; mini corner blocks or not?
Once I have them all in, I will give you a proper expo of all the individual blocks and their makers

Friday, 17 May 2013

Geese in the Forest

I am on a roll!
This looovely quilt by Tina Seaside Stitches is my inspiration to tackle my next Paper Piecing Project PPP!

I have fallen in love with the greens and blues and aquas and limes of these batiks and well, frankly I am going to copy it - well, you know make it my own ;)

The pattern is on sale atm here! :

and I have my lovely pile of ice blues and deep forest greens and tropical aquas and chartreusy limes batiks - all had a throughly good wash and dry and ready for action.

Now I know a few friends had wanted to have a go too - Jeannette and Janine? Want to start one too?

This pattern really is a good one for Paper piecing beginners - just lots of good ol straight lines though you have to make sure you use plenty of fabric to cover the triangles.

Can I also recommend some Foundation Paper for the piecing - I am using Carol Doak's Foundation Paper (100 sheets) - she is the Dame when it comes to PP! I got mine here:

Check out the Flickr group for more Geese in the Forest!

Via Flickr:
blogged about here: seaside-stitches.blogspot.com/2009/10/ready-for-quilt-sho...

Little blue box

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Just in case you weren't sure what a TARDIS was...

Wow - a paper pieced block that looks pretty complicated, but no, not really.  After being thrown in the deep end with a PP block for a bee member, I swallowed a bit of water, but started to swim and made it.
 I am getting the hang of PP now - it is not perfect, but just a little bit squew-whiffy - not smelly whiffy but warping in or out of space squewy.
Kinda wibbly-wobbly ;)

DD2 tentatively asked me what it is for....of course I said 'For You!'
DD2 gave me the Biggest Grin!

It makes me grin too.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

some sneaky peaks

Just a little teaser of how my first Dr Who Along piece is going.....

and how my quilting machine is Finally going....

After perservering with a machine that is temperamental and tantrum-inducing, I may just have it behaving nicely....just very cautious to not jinx it ...I think I do a little meditation before I even look its way....like deep breathing, thinking good thoughts, and trying to be all zen about it.
Hasn't bloody worked in the long past, but...I am surprising myself  by not throwing out the top storey window :)

A little bit of tension tweaking is still needed..sigh...

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Wedding

A beautifully sunny but cold English day
A 12th century church
A bride who's late
Lots of smiles
Lots of hugs
Lots of laughs
Tipis by the lake
Peacock feathers and vintage pianolas
Paella and chocolate brownies
Glowing fire