Friday, 29 August 2008

One project done - Shazam!

My DQS4 little treasure is up, up and away......hope she likes it! I have called it 'Windows' because hubbie loved the way the woodgrain looked like framed windows - lovely man! Gee it feels good to get it out the door - but it doesn't feels so good waiting for mine - I am so impatient - I have a feeling in my bones about which one is still to come to me (usually my bones tell me the truth!)....crossed fingers and toes!!!

.....a few more bento boxes for the 'Sushi Queen'......

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Mermaid delight

I am thrilled to receive my new Heather Ross fabric called Mendocino

Really interesting colourways - my girls chose the fushia/plum/gold range called (strangely) 'Jughandle' for some ruffle skirts to be made one day/one year/one decade!

I was really surprised that her new range was so hard to find, but Etsy was the key; these are from Fabricworm

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Birds of teal

Lookee here! Green Kitchen has the most adorable pincushion wristlet tute and giveaway!!! Such a clever girl!

Also love love love Tula Pink's new range called Nest - oh, must have!

This is probably my favourite - 'Bird boxes'

Has anyone else noticed the influx of 'teal' lately - so good.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'm so bad I'm good

I just can't help myself - I really am a big tease! More jigsaw pictures of my DQS4 ( I have actually finished it all except for the label; and I'm not going to show the whole thing until that is done!)

Buying jeans is a real chore for me - I hate changerooms and getting my shoes on and off and choosing something off the rack which totally defies what size I think I am, then do I get regular, slim, bootleg, indigo, washed, frayed, cropped......AAAAACCCHHHH!

But, I have discovered High Waist Jeans - yes, almighty, jeans designed for a woman of some years, who has a bit of tum and hip! It holds it all in snug and says welcome home mama!

I could have paid a few bucks for a tailor to hem the pants, but, dang it! I can do that, I'm an independent woman, and that I did! I love my Chung Shi's too - a must for old feet!

I am also proud of myself for starting D2's Sushi Quilt (planned for over 2 years, maybe more!) with Tracey Brookshier's Bento Box pattern - really couldn't be easier!

First lot of squares:

But I must stop now and get outside; it is such a beautiful day; must prune roses!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

No theme for this post, just more stuff!

Picked up this enormous bedspread from Salvos, Chapel St Windsor for a song - the colours are so fresh and vibrant and the cotton very heavy and strong - oh, to cut up or not, that is the question!

Keep finding PNG trinkets! This is for Hubbie; Rabaul Pottery PNG is stamped on the bottom - Salvos, Chapel St Windsor

Amitie sent me some very intriging AMH Garden Party fabric - yummo! My D2 needs new curtains in her bedroom - could I convince her to choose something from that range?

Park Slope birds from Hightown Fabrics, ebay ; lots of special fabrics in fat quarters - always need some birdie num nums!

Some pressies for you...

Just another little sneaky peak of DQS4 - quilting is done, binding is done, now just label and handsew! I've got to find some other little treats too - this is mandatory bloggy etiquette, I think!

I thought of you when scouring the fab Op-shops in Windsor yesterday and picked up a little something just for You!

A Giveaway for the first lovely person who asks;

2 Knitting books to make oh so sweet dolls 'Jean Greenhowe's Tradesmen Clowns' and 'Jean Greenhowe's Storybook Dolls'

Brand new condition (except for the $1 sticker on the front) - the radio and hamburger alone is worth the trouble!
Just ignore the flash on the pictures - how Do people take great photos of books!

(This ol cowboy has fallen off his horse and is having a rest!)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Just a little bit more...

I just had to show everyone Emma's Kaffe quilt (from Scrap Bag) - she put it away for a number of years, but this seemed to have worked, because the border sawteeth are simply perfect!! I really love the way the backgrounds of deep red and vibrant purple are in contrast to their own Kaffe coloured teeth. (I hope Kaffe himself does not take offense to references to his 'teeth')

I'm also a sucker for swaps at the moment:

pinsandthimbles is having a Vintage Sheet Swap - YES! Check out her really lovely vintage sheet quilt - very inspiring! Of course, I had to buy some more sheeting treasures. Photos soon.

Australia Scrap Quilters - 6.5 inch scrap swap - I asked for purples - I just felt like it.


Monday, 18 August 2008

Now, back to our regular program....

Now that The Party is over...I can get back to normal

old chairs like new again - I still can't believe I got them off the side of the road! Should I stop admitting this now?

this should keep them busy for awhile....reminder to self....must pee BEFORE jumping...

here are a couple of great cards Hubbie got for birthday...this is so him..(this is a rudie)

and here are his presents from me! from 19Moons
Hubbie has a taste for 'steampunk' - What? you all say....Yeah , me too!

Really a pressie for me, we saw Jason Mraz live at the Prince Bandroom, St Kilda last Wednesday - had a fun night; the horns and the bongos were a real treat. It did make me realise that 1. I don't like crowds and 2. I don't like crowds.... so we stood at the back, near the cool breeze and I was happy to just have my man around me....not hundreds of others, thanks!

A tempter of my DQS4 top - it's getting there...I still have time....

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Flickr Troubles

Is anyone having trouble with their Flickr Account? I can't get into my account and I am starting to panic!!!! Yahoo seemed to have taken over and is making me sign in with a Yahoo ID - I have never had to sign in before; I would just click on my Flickr icon and I was in!!

If I sign into Yahoo, will I have to get a new account name etc and thereby lose all my current Account details and photos??? I have contacted Yahoo, but am still waiting for a response.

Has anyone come across this and what happened??

Edit: A bit more perservering through 'help' jargon, and finally a cryptic answer from Flickr support, gave me more ammo for getting into my own account; YAY!

why does it need to be so hard and confusing? Boo!

I have written down id and password on good oldfashioned paper - so there! (raspberry blown) to FlickrwhoisnowcontrolledbyYahooandhavenoideaaboutKISS(keepingitsimplestupid)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Fancy dressing up?

What a weekend we had!!!!!!

Hubbie's Big 4-0 Birthday Bash! What can I say? We all had such a fun time - 70 plus people put in a lot of effort for their costumes - even the grandparents.

There were Pirates and Wenches, Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwells, Chewbacca, Punjabis, Jeannies, Wayne Carey, Rock stars, Hugh Hefner and his Bunny, Bonnie and Clyde, a pregnant Nun and her Priest, 60's, 50's, Puss in Boots, Royalty, Alice and Mad Hatter, Sari clad beauties and a Glittered grandfather, Flappers, and more......and then there was......

Dracula and His Bride

Lots of loud music, lots of dancing, lots of drinking and eating and a very VERY early morning finish - we kicked the last revelers out at 4.30am! Sorry Neighbours!!

Totally recommend having a Fancy Dress Party - people were texting us even at the last minute; "Is it still a Costume Party?" " YES - you won't be the only one!!" Despite the nerves of appearing like a dofus, (Bridget Jones' Diary- tarts and vicars- ring a bell?) everyone, I hope, enjoyed themselves emmensely - we sure did.

I am currently uploading thousands more photos on Flickr - Hoops68 is hubbie's account name.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Big Fat Cushion

This is my BFC (big fat cushion) project 99.9% finished otherwise know as 'Blog Finished'!
Hard job getting the lumps out by constantly moving the stuffing around and around, until finally, enough! I want it at the end of my bed, looking all pretty and comfy. Lumpy though it still is, I do love it. Can you see the cheater buttons on photo 3 (just circles of sewing pre stuffing) they managed to aim right in the middle of a hydrangea!

Hubbie's 40th birthday is coming up - 100 plus people, all in fancy dress costume - it's going to be ace!!! Ooh did I tell you that it's at our house!! Still be ace!!