Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last day of the year!

Wow - is it really the last day of the year? - it flew by so fast it whistled in my ear!

Christmas (just a week ago) is such a blur - anyone else feel that way?

It is hard to conjure up past images of a fun but utterly exhausting time...we have all had our fill have we not......But...... I do need to post some pictures of our traditional

Gingerbread Extravaganza

First of all:
the making of

(recipe from here...we designed a more Swiss Chalet style - only four sides- much easier)

I love the concentration!

This shot reminds me of this........but there was no smashing this time......hehe!

Next the artwork..
We each had a side of the house to decorate....

Then the unveiling....oh, and we are not big believers in less is more....oh no...more is more!!!

This was the 'Monster House' side....

A great gaping hole (how on earth did that happen?) at the top of the roof needed some angels to protect the home....
It lasted til Christmas day... then slowly but surely was demolished til crumbs. (Quite a bit did make it into the bin...but don't tell the girls)

D1's lovely star she made at school - she and her girlfriend instructed the class on how to make it - clever girl!

Some pictures of an excellent book that I got from hubbie for Christmas...

'Contemporary Quilt Art: An introduction and guide' 2008 by Kate Lenkowsky

A rather serious text on the art of textiles....and like all art, some speak to you more than others, but some of the quilts are absolutely amazing!!!! Here are some of my favourites....

Last but not least.....

This is what Summer School Hols is all about.....

fresh, juicy and really huge mangoes and blueberries with pancakes and ice-cream - in our pajamas!!!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone and I wish the very best crafty blogging goodness to you all - See you in 09!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mini quilt challenge and fabric galore

It has been totally remiss of me to not post about my 'Mini Quilt in a Bag' challenge!

I sent some fabric to Alicia of Lucyquilts and she sent some to me - the challenge is to make a mini quilt out of their fabric and any embellishments and then send it back.

I have a plan in mind - even did some sketches! I will be trying some applique and incorporating the interesting extras such as pom-pom ribbon, beads, and a lovely embroidered flower. Alicia told me that there are bits and pieces in the bag which she has had..... since forever!

It is to go in their holiday van - I hope I can do it justice!

Just thinking at the moment - too much other stuff going on - you know what is around the corner!

I did do some shopping - not for myself - for my children (big smile!)

Planing on turning these be-u-ti-ful fabrics into peasant blouses for the kids - over Summer hopefully!

This gorgeous and most coveted piece of fabric is my London Map Fabric! Most sort after, once I spied a little piece in CampFollowerBagLady's cushion.

Could not find it anywhere - was told that it was Very Out of Print!

CFBL led me to Tokyo Mommy - who very generously went down to her local shops IN JAPAN! bought some and posted it to me. The postage was underpriced so I owe her something fabric-y. What do you give to someone who has local fabric stores like hers? Another thing to think about - after Christmas!

Don't you just love the way crafty bloggers look out for each other!

See her etsy shop for some more gorgeous stuff!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday Stash

Some actual sewing is happening here also!

School Fair Silent Auction needs a quilt - and I shall supply!  

Picked up a fairly non-descript book from library called Quick Colourful Quilts, edited by Rosemary Wilkinson and flicking through some fairly simple patterns, found this little beauty.

  'Moulin Rouge' designed by Claire Higgott. I am replacing the red with a gorgeous pale aqua pindot, which I have yards and yards of.

I love the way the pattern draws your eye out of the rectangle onto the border and piecing is super easy!

Next post I shall show you how!

These are what I am using.....

Love that blue skirt!

Some purchases from Ballarat Patchwork - super quick postage I must say - don't really need, but really really want:

  • The start of my Darjeeling Limited Quilt; based on the wonderfully surreal movie of 3 brothers on a journey through India.  I found the movie:  Funny, sensitive, bizarre, thoughtful, quiet, emotional...all of these things and more.
  • The colours of turquoise and orange stand out to me throughout this movie and so this is what it will become.  Don't know yet in what form - maybe just a quilt in mini proportions, but I want it to reflect the beauty of the simplicity of the colours found in so much architecture and form.

  • Some more Kaffe (it needs no more description that that):

Christmas has come early!

How exciting is the doorbell ringing on a Sunday, to find a parcel on the doorstep!!!

"It's for me, it's for me, it for me?"

"It's from Bulgaria?"........

OMG - my doll quilt!!

From Ralitza, of 'Domoshar' all the way across the world from Varna, Bulgaria, to Melbourne, Australia.

Really and truly love it! Thank you so much Ralitza!

The simple colours and simple pattern belie how mesmerising it is for me.....

the lovely quilting 'clouds'....

the eclectic colours that go together, despite not going together?!.....

and the most perfect workmanship.....

the 'handwriting' sewing on the label.....

the hanging sleeve for the wall, because the quilt goes SO DARN WELL with my blinds.....

the most beautiful card of a ribbon-folded angel (which this clever girl made!), some great fabric strips and coasters which match my dining room perfectly!!

Gosh, I love presents, especially handmade ones with such thought and care and design!

See this smile....that's my reflection.....

Some downloadable Christmas tags for all the classmates at school - lollie stuck on the back is essential - gotta keep that sugar level high!

Check out sugarloop and natascha rosenberg

I simply have to send these off to people......

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sale Sale Sale

Ballarat Patchwork has 20% sale on EVERYTHING! For a Very Long Time too!

What do I choose? Some Kaffe? Silly question...

or maybe some Pop Garden....

Sunday Stash slash Op-Shop

No actual slashing going on around here - just a joint post theme - how boring!

I am usually punctual to everything, but just can't seem to get my Sundays in order, so here is my Sunday Stash combined with my Op-Shop outing:

Hubbie came home for a surprise lunch outing - Mt Waverley shops are cute and casual - and of course, there are Op-Shops to explore "I knew you pick this place for a reason!" he smiled.

Lions Op-Shop near the library always has treasures - you know the shops I mean - one will never ever produce any little beauties, and another will abound with delights! This is the shop that abounds with goodies galore!

Some flannel for some winter pj pants for the kids:

Some heavy curtain material for windows that need privacy
- colour is so perfect for down at the beach:

Some Red chenille! I don't have any red, so it must come home with me!
Hubbie just rolls his eyes! I have promised to sell some so you are my witnesses that it will be done. Hold me to it, won't you.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Craftapalooza rox!

A little bitty package for me ......not my quilt swap.......not my purchases from Madeit......not my fabric giveaway........but a prize for Craftapalooza's 52 weeks of Nose!

Love love love love love the fabric, espec. the tape ribbon...To. Die. For. - 

(I can be rather melodramic when I feel like it)

Such good timing, with a drippy nose and all...

Super cute address sticker - I want a pack of these!...

This is what is was wrapped up in... so retro-ly funny!