Friday, 28 November 2008

DQS 5 progress

Yes, there is progress! Not quite 'blog finished'- just sewing on binding - but it will be done by deadline of Dec 1st! I amaze myself sometimes!

Handquilted with perle cotton thread - didn't do the 'hoop' thing, maybe because it was a small piece - and the stitches are not so perfect - but I am kinda happy with it!

I stitched when I was feeling good, and stitched when I was feeling sick, then when I was feeling bored, frustrated, restful and contented! Basically, every size of stitch is in this thing, but I hope my partner can overlook the inconsistencies and enjoy it anyway.

I am addicted to checking out the DQS5 Flickr site - A.d.d.i.c.t.e.d.

This is the best part of the swap - seeing everyone's masterpiece!

Spring chicks and treasures

Spring babies hatching from tiny eggshells, torn, jagged,

yet out they pop, growing in their hidden home, waiting for that right moment to fly nervously out of their nest.

This shot was taken minutes before they flew their first flight.

I felt like a proud and anxious mama.

Then the HAIL come down!

Why now , little ones, to choose your first steps? Hubbie reassured me that they knew exactly what to do and would hunker down til the storm died out.

Found this little treasure in Op-Shop in Chapel St. Windsor - gee that's a fun place to explore!

Couldn't you just see it with darling new curtains and a new paint job...little girly treasures on top......

I just loved the opening doors!

For $150 it did seem expensive for something that needed a lot of work done to it - Hubbie and I wracked our brains for somewhere to put it at home, but could not agree - alas, it stays.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday Stash

I'm actually on time today!!!

Found this lovely big piece of the softest linen-ey type check fabric - almost 3 metres long for a whopping $4.50, in my stash. Can't possibly think where I got it from, especially with a head full of mucus (more groseness, I'm sorry).

The photo does not do the caramel colour justice - I thinking of  a light winter skirt, with long brown boots and a warm cream jumper - Spring has turned chilly here in Melbourne, can you tell?

Can be hard to chuckle through the mucus

Sorry for the grose title - but that's how I feel at the moment - this blog is not always meant for pretty sewing and delightful cherubic faces.

Been sick in bed for last few days: infection, antibiotics, a mucus-filled head and lots of dumb movies to pass the time away - all I need now is 'my friend' to visit!!

I'm so glad hubbie can have a laugh with me about this cartoon - 
he has been 'struck' by a cobra plenty of times ;)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Listening to Amy

pick up some handsewing, and sit back and relax as you listen to two women chat and laugh about fabrics, colours, designs......almost as good as the real thing!

Shaking my tin-cup

I have been forced off my computer for the last few days - it has been running like a dog - frustratingly unusable!

Phew! Back on and now running smoothly - I was started to have withdrawal symptons!

What did I miss? What did I miss?

Well, I missed The Amy Butler Show which came into town! Boohoo I cried -I am reading her Midwest Modern book (from library of course; best place in town to 'try before you buy'- and it is on my list to BUY! (check out this site with Free Worldwide Shipping)

I will just have to live vicariously through others.....and here and here....

Well, I didn't miss Brown Owls Tin-cup bonanza! I went! I made my first B.O Craft - a rather wonky embroidery of pencils on cup - in case you couldn't recognise what the hell it was LOL!
One in particular I called the chewed pencil - of course that had to be the brightest colour, didn't it.

It was an interesting night!
Shyness can take over me at these situations; I forced myself to introduce myself to Lara - I was sitting across the table from her; I could hardly hide all night - and it was great to meet her in person - we have chatted online a little and she is truly lovely. Hopefully we shall cross paths again!

Pip and her gang were very sweet and helped a lot with the practicalities of the night, but
I found myself sitting with people who didn't like to talk too much and didn't introduce themselves, but kept their head down and concentrated on the job. I introduced myself but no-one reciprocated! I asked people what their favourite craft session was and ooh and aah at their work, but apart from Lara (thank God) and some others who helped this poor innocent (when it comes to embroidery) I did not feel entirely comfortable or settled. I was not asked anything about myself and so, did not feel that I could just offer freely any info regarding who I was, what I like to craft, and the like. I am just being honest - I know people rave about going to these Craft Nights - I think it didn't help coming in at the last minute of the year. Were people to socially exhausted to go through the niceties?- can happen, I do understand.

As a casual I had to pay $20 to come to this session, which is a little pricey for me to continue the rest of the year. I am going to give it another go, though - I won't let my insecurities cloud any potential for fun and fellowship - not this year, but will be signing up for next year! New memberships are only $25 for the whole year - like this price much better!

After getting that off my chest, I need some pretty piccies - my November garden:

Can you believe this ugly thing......

produced this glorious delight?

Our most neglected rosebush....flourishing!!!???

Sweet scented Traclospernum (spelled badly).... at night the fragrance is intoxicating....

Some Christmas craft from D1 - she spied this (slightly) injured wood butterfly in Bunnings and couldn't leave it on the shelf - some pink and gold and it is very happy!

We took (stole, borrowed, purchased, you pick) some paint samples in all different greens to make some gift tags for Christmas.....we also took (stole, borrowed, purchased, you pick) the idea from the illustrious Sugar gals.....

All they need is a silver texta, and some ribbon. Don't you just love the teddy at the bottom of the tree!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sunday Stash....& a bit of Cath....& a bit of oohlala

I keep (accidently) deleting my photos from this post - but I will prevail - Bag of Cath will be shown!  Now it is out of order and all mixed up, but anyway.....straight off the plane (see below)..

It's going everywhere with me!

Found this lovely piece of info about French toile......Oh, French General please move to Melbourne! 

Do any Melbournians know of any shop similar?

 Here are some lovely french textiles from French General.......

My Mum came back from a London trip with lots of goodies for Moi!

Under strict instructions to visit the Cath Kidston store conveniently located in the village she was staying in!!!!  she bought me these......(I actually gave her a list of things I liked from the online shop and just said choose!!

She chose GOOD!
Little egg cosy - love it!

Tea towel and oven mitts - love love love!

My Sunday Stash......(Sundays are tooo busy for me at the moment for any talk about stashing, but better late than never)

I promised some photos of my toile stash:  

This one is probably my Very First piece of quilt fabric

Friday, 7 November 2008

A hard cake to crack

This makes me cackle everytime I see it - my D2's Pinata Birthday Cake - maybe I did make it a little bit thick!

I love the calling out 'bash it, bash it!'  and the expression on her face!

Why does cake and a rolling pin bring out the animal in us all?

Pinata Cake courtesy of here

(I didn't bother about the sponge and icing inside - just bought a truly artificial chemical nos. filled white mud cake from supermarket - yum!)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Some golden highlights

A light Summer dressing-gown for my first bubby (who is forever growing!) made from a vintage sheet - very soft, flowing, cool and pretty! Just like her!

My 'Sunday Stash' is so late it is getting ridiculous!

Lots of toile is popping up  (which I have always truly loved) - so I have posted a piece of my own - just the one today - but I might do the rest of my toile next week.

This is very Baz !!

Love the dusty golden colour against the soft cream background and the iconic pictures. 

I have thoughts of framing it with my other favourite piece, then handquilting around the toile and around the day!

(please excuse wrinkles)

A swagman

A kookaburra

A settler family

Monday, 3 November 2008

I'm not forgetting you too

I had just posted the winner of my giveaway and quickly realised that I did not mention all the other lovely people who said Hi!  Bad blogger I am.

It is great to meet new bloggers and get a little picture of their world, and to touch base with old friends too:

I would like you to meet/greet/say Hi to:

Marianne from D is for Dovey
She has just made a great doll quilt for the DQS5 swap

Janellybelly from Threads of Friendship
A great giveaway is on her blog too! Her pal (joint-blogger) smileykylie is also going to the Sewjourn Craft Away Day!

Annie from pinsandthimbles
Annie is making a Dear Jane quilt - the patterns are so good!

Check out her wonderful tumbling blocks - always in awe of this pattern!

Taccolina from Taccolina
Lovely photos on this blog and I really liked her 'Sketchcrawl' post on sketching in Melbourne city!

Michelle from Leni and Rose
Always something interesting going on here!

Julz from Julz Designs
Lovely stitcheries and two very sore wrists! Get better soon!

Jan from Sewjourn
Great blog with some inticing piccies of their new country cottage

AJ from AJ's Antics
Lots of piccies of her Stash and some great animal photos - lots of fun!

A rural Western Australian gal with lots to share about her life in the country

The sugar girls from Spoonful of Sugar
We all love them!

Louise from Lululollylegs
Another great gal!  Always great sewing and quilting delights.

Bernadette from The Quilting B
Again, great sewing and quilting delights (sorry for the repeat, but it is true!)

 Looking forward to the cushion adventures!

Trashalou from TrashCan
Makes me cackle!

Well, if you made it back to me at all after all this wonderful links you are loyal!  

Everyone talked about what they could giveaway from their stash, so maybe I have set you on a roll - do a giveaway just for the heck of it - it feels sooo good.

Random number generator chooses.........

This is my 201st post  - had to include the last one, didn't I, especially cos I won a ticket! Yippee!

RNG chose:

This is Annie from pinsandthimbles!!!

she said:  "Congrats on 200 posts! I have destashed many times, but I still have five metres of peachy pinky silk. It's more salmon-- or is it -- eek. Lovely fabric, too expensive to throw away, but the colour is the worst in the world on my skin. Need to make someone else happy with it!"

Actually, this is fate because Annie organised the vintage sheet swap and I think, deserves some extra vintage goodness, all for herself!

Congrats Annie - I shall post it all out to you awfully soon!