Friday, 28 September 2007

Computer says No

Checking out one popular site for Japanesey goodies (Begins with a 's' and ends with a 'y') - they have a sale 20%, 30% and 40% OMG Yes, I'll take that and that, and that too please - go to checkout $25 postage! Okay, I'll reduce my stash, how is that now ooooh down to $21 postage. But hang on, my goods cost less than the postage! Okay realllly reduce my stash, now down to 2 x 0.5 yards of fabric - how much now!!! Still $21 postage for $9 worth of goods OOOH the PAIN! 'Computer says No' (Little Britain reference!)

On a cheerier note, while visiting local Spotlight (I do shiver everytime I venture into this place - the chaos is so scary and staff seem so frazzled!) I did buy some very inexpensive but very Springy fabric for Daughter 2, to make a layer skirt I stopped making my girls clothes a long time ago, but fabric called my name, and so I must have - you know how it is.

Amitie sent me some really lovely fabric for their Blog VIP mailout (checkout their link on sidebar) I can't possibly cut it up, so I think that I will keep it whole and just add some borders and then hand quilt the farm landscape outlines. The colours are really unusual - it has been hard to find the right purple and green combo to blend in, but stash busting I must.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I actually finished something!

Hello Everyone! I hope you have been well - not me i'm afraid - sick in bed for weeks (so it seemed) with flu - never ever been so sick before. Unfortunately I had to work on day 1 and 2 of sickness, so I'm sure I spread billions of germs over everything and everyone who came into the library! Please don't let that put you off the public library! It has been such a great resource, one that I had not appreciated as I should before. A friend told me that she never goes to the library "it is not in my culture to do that - I would rather buy secondhand books from op-shop" WHAT? I thought. The library has hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on it to keep uptodate with new modern books and materials and it is all FREE! All I could do was smile weakly at her and gasp inwardly!

Only a little bit of craftyness - I actually finished a project!! Yeah Baby! Doll Quilt No. 2 from Summer in the City charm pack - I used ALL of the material, which gave me a buzz! Wow no left overs to add to my overflowing boxes.
I practiced my mitred corners - eh, still only Okay at them, more practice needed.

This finishing business actually inspires me to tackle the horse quilt top laying on my bannister for eons - maybe, just maybe if I force myself to lay it on the floor and start taping it down, it may get basted, then it may get quilted. I have to remember the buzzy feeling of finishing something to get me through! This also reminds me of the sad news of the passing of Laurel Burch (of whose Magical Horses designs make up said quilt).

Daughter No.1 got her tutu as early birthday pressie - 20% off YES Please from Valentine's Dance Wear, Glenferrie Road, Malvern. Love this store - tutus hanging from the ceiling, ballet gear everywear - makes my girlie heart aflutter! We (I say this, because a little bit of steering was required) chose this number, mainly because it kinda fit, and it has great potential for applique and embellishment. Gold thingies to be sewn on have been requested by daughter, so once I am better, visit to thingies shop is in order.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Colour extravaganza

I getting some pressies I getting some pressies!
A little self-indulgent I know but I am really excited about what is coming to me as we speak: check out the colours of turquoise, ruby, the sunshine yellows. This is my absolute fave; 'Flowers in Sunlight'. I couldn't afford the large canvas print - drat double drat - but Andrew offered me a smaller print size - YES!

I just had to get some of his others too - don't tell hubbie - I have so many things to go on our walls it's not funny but these have pushed their bright and bubbly selves up the queue!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Felt so goooood!

$3.50 Op-Shop Wool Jumper after a thorough hot wash in machine
Collar (inside-out) sewn across
No Collar! Look at the beautiful felting - I love it!
Ta Da!!! Totally reused - old cushion insert, then old cushion cover (with falling off zip!), then enclosed in delicious felty wooly cuteness!
Here's the back

My first go at old jumper = felt = soft cuddly cushion- I was so thrilled I cuddled and (much to hubbie horror) pretended to kiss it all night long!

Close up of toadstool - uber cute - I even amazed myself that I found an old ball of wool which matched the sky colour exactly and blanket stitched the bottom opening closed.

Close up of sheep - uber angry? Maybe they didn't like their 'sheep dip'? (sheep dip typical Australian wool farmer speak)Some more jumpers to transform:

Update: Devo was a hit! We were the best table! 2 full-sized whips were the cherries on the top (friend was a bit cagey as where they came from - lots of ribbing for that HeHe)
Lots of dancing and of course, being a music trivia night - Whip It was played and we went CRAZY!!