Sunday, 28 March 2010

Some happy sewing projects

These are for Jo of Sparklygreenknickers - great name!! for the Australiasian Bee Block Swap - Heather Ross' frogs and lilypads in the centre and squares around them in green, grey and white.  They might not be how she wants them - crossing my fingers that they will be welcomed with open arms!!

Some more pictures of my Kaffe Stars  - having no end of trouble getting good shots of these stars - I think it is the blue background my camera is having trouble with - still got lots more to show....

I had a wonderful hour and a bit with some lovely ladies from Threadsoffriendship (photo care of them) and Sewjourn-

Janelle was in town, from Perth, and we got a very quick chance to catch up with Kylie, Katherine, Janelle and Jan from Sewjourn.
What a fantastic bunch they are! Janelle gave me some Gorgeous Fabric, cos she's just like that - perfect for my Joseph's Coat project!!  We chatted and laughed about fabric and quilting and sewing machines (I think we need to start a Bernina 440 club) and book series and authors and chocolate and hugs.......

I got the absolute guilts after seeing Janelle - I think it has been a year since my hubbie visited her in Perth and came back with the most delicious meterage of AMH's Garden Party - D2 needed new 'not babyish' curtains - this was quite a year later and voila!!  Only took me an afternoon - they are pretty basic but they are pretty!! The long straight one is needing a curtain tieback holder thingy to let the sunshine in and I have a small collection of ribbons to sort through for the other two (there are blockout roller blinds behind them so they will stay as is)

I love this print so much I might just camp out in her room tonight!

Edit:  I have about 3 metres of it left, if anyone would like to buy or swap 
(Australian postage only I'm sorry - APO is killing me with its o.s. rates)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Love a pretty banner!

I don't mean a pretty bloggy banner but a quilty banner, on my bannister: Chaletgirl's Block Swap Quilt Top - a 9 patch block theme 
 Loving it as I wander up the stairs and down the stairs, up again and down again!  Something new to look at each time - very very pleased with the added Kona Denim feature border, then my Feature Fabric as a final border (had run out of this once all of my blocks were made and could not find a replacement, until fate intervened and at a Quilt Shop on a sale day, there it was!  

Still the back to go - I have pieces of everyone's feature fabric to put together - but it will come - just like this - see family - I do actually finish my quilts (well, I am further on my way there!)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Seeing Stars

I have finally got some breathing space in my life for a little bit of blogging and sewing! Yay Muchly!
The All-consuming, stress-inducing, coldsore producing (eww) preparation of the Trash & Treasure Stall at our School Fair is over - the Day has come and gone - it was an exhausting experience (a long 3 day weekend of moving, sorting and pricing for me and my family and helpers) but, I will most likely Do It Again next year.

WHY? The thrill of opening the doors to an ocean of people keen to get in and buy, buy, buy; wishing them a Very Good Morning was so exciting, I will remember it for a long time to come!  We made a lot of money for the school and had the most wonderful people helping all throughout the day - with only a little bit leftover rubbish to get rid of.  I think I feel proud that I put my hand up to tackle this monster and with some great support, conquered it with flying colours!!

I keep receiving these wonderful packages in the mail and I am not mentioning them at all on my blog - don't know if you remember these piles of deliciously colourful fabrics (scroll down the post a little) all laid out on my bed, ready to be sent: WELL':

My Around the Block Swap month is March, and because it has been so crazy at my place from now 'til middle of then, I got my act together and send off my fabrics early.  Well, little did I expect my blocks to come back early too!! (some came back the next week!)

What a wonderful surprise to find lots and lots of wonky stars on a deep blue sky - exploding with colours!  "What?" you say?
I have a vision of Kaffe Fassett stars popping out from a beautiful night sky - Kona Cotton Nightfall is my base fabric and wonky interesting big and little stars are the request!  Have a look at my Wonky Stars Gallery on Flickr for my inspiration!

These are from Kate (One flew over)

These are from Rachel (Four wise monkeys)

This is the constellation so far - Rita from RedPepper Quilts made the other four - 

my apologies for no having a singular photo of hers - my camera's battery has died (AGAIN) and these are from the phone's camera - I just want to throw them when they don't do as they are told!!  Here is the link to her post with much better photos!!

Monday, 15 March 2010

hmmmm more fabric

They may look like hedgehogs to some, but they are definitely echidnas to me!!  My new fave fabric! Half Square Triangles

 Just a little of my (current) obsession with Red and Aqua everything

These are from Spotlight:

These are from Fabricworm:

These are swaps through Flickr:

These are my Whirly Gigs! Easy once you get into a roll with them!

'City Streets'
Ready for a new home!
Fabric: Timeless Treasures for body of quilt, Meadowsweet fabric for binding and pieced back.
The lime green lifted it out of its greyness.

Not sure yet how my quilt went in the Silent Auction at School Fair yesterday - I had a quick look half way through and someone had put a bid of $1 - ONE DOLLAR - luckily a $50 bid was placed to outbid it - not sure of the final amount but, gee, it makes you wonder truly doesn't matter to me what the final price was - I just hope someone who actually liked it and wanted it, got it!