Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Amitie Charity Star (3)

Amitie Charity Star (3) by Whippet Good
Amitie Charity Star (3), a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.
Made for Somaly Mam Foundation in Cambodia
to go into Amitie's quilt:

Pattern is from here:

I Love it! Love love love pink and coral orange - I hope this is going to help just a smidgen to help this cause.
Read the Amitie post - it will make your heart break, especially if you have girls yourself.

I plan to go to the Somaly Mam Foundation launch party to support them further - I may even come home with a quilt!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Some more Grannys....just got 12 more to go....this is where I want to give up - almost there, but boy is it becoming a slog....well, not entirely true; I do enjoy mixing up the fabrics and seeing what new combo I can make...that will have to be my mantra 
"New Combo New Combo New Combo" muttering like a mad woman.

My new favourites

Birds and Bees by Tula Pink

Love. Every. Single. One
Ruly. Truly.

 The patterns are alot smaller than I thought (feared) they may be - my pet dislike is a lack of scale shown for  prints when marketed - Pet Dislike!!  (that's not anything to do with disliking pets - you know I like them!)

sorry - back to scale - the not so easy to see ruler has the Amazing tree print (really, utterly amazing!) at 7" from tip to root and 4" across, and the ladybugs (nice to see them back) at 1/2" long.

I think this is TPs best range EVA!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Make colour in your life

My Full Circle contribution to Wendy's  Hartylittlepeaces  Art Exhibition  @The Playful Market 

I love it, so does my fam and I think Wendy does too

Phew - always hard to judge if things are going right, espesh when Hundreds and Thousands of people are going to look at it!

(do you like my enthusiastic number?- it may well happen!!)

 I wanted to try to express the fullness of life - that we all start small, insignificant but as our life grows and our world expands, we need to remember to fill our lives with riches of colour and action - our lives shoot off in different directions, but none are wrong; all will take us on a journey....

You could be part of the crowd that got to see 'Full Circle' @The Playful Market - the unmissable event of Saturday 28th July!

As a little side note:

Abbe is having a discount!  we all love sales!!  The photo is not the best so here are the facts; Book, pay and stay by 31st August and you and your 9 bffs get 20% off the price of the weekend - a loooong weekend!

The Retreat @ Woodend
Mahoosive Giveaway Going On 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

To the end of the Wood

I had a lovely time last Sunday - last day of school hols - the fam and I went on a road trip 1 hour north west of the city to the country town of Woodend.  We dropped DD2 off at an old friend's house, waved bye and 'see you soon', then I was taxied to my 'thing' for a few hours, while Hubbie and DD1 went cafe-ing for hot chocolate and some homework.

My 'thing'????  I took a little bag with me piled with my Garden Party hexagon quilt bits and knocked on the door of a sweet cottage on the edge of the bush (all by myself! I thought I was so brave hehe!). 


The Retreat - Woodend

(Photo by Abbe of Copperpatch)

Abbe from Copperpatch was having an Open Day weekend of her new and brilliant place perfect for weekends away with friends; sewing, crafting and enjoying life!  - anyone could just come and look around and have a cuppa and do some sewing!!  Yes Please!  You don't have to twist my arm!

I was welcomed in the door by Bec (another MMQG-er! nice surprise!) and many other friendly faces said Hi and come on in!!  Abbe from Copperpatch was the perfect hostess -Abbe was making scones in the (gorgeous) kitchen and took me around the extensive place - great big rooms, huge beds, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounge areas, great craft room with cathedral ceiling - so warm and inviting and that's not just Abbe herself.

I had a lovely few hours chatting away about fabric and patterns and retreats and meeting new people and eating jam and cream scones and tea and sewing (and unpicking ha!), until my 'taxi' came for me and whisked me off to more friends for cheese and shiraz.

Great Day

Great Place

Great People

Abbe is very generously having a giveaway for a whole long weekend and I mean whole (Friday 9am! to Sun 4pm!) - check out her blog, have a really good look around her website and gather your chicks around you and get booking!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Birds and The Bees

I just had to add this instantly to my blog - SO looking forward to this range - the colours and the prints whisper my name - yes I'm going mad!!!

My mosaic of favourites for DUDQ3! Join up now!

1. Spring 2012 Market Brochure_1, 2. Queen Anne's Lace, 3. QuiltCon block 2, 4. Bee block Mai for Floh, 5. Flocking1, 6. 11-Flower Mystery, 7. hello sweetie, 8. fall quilt market recap. {art gallery.}, 9. Quilt Top for J, 10. Aqua Green Lime, 11. Buggy Barn Outdoor Quilt Show, 12. [3x6] Bee - Round 2, 13. Japanese pluses and crosses, 14. DQS 10 Finished!, 15. Baby Jane Mosaic, 16. A Hobson Fairy Tale

I'm looking forward to joining in - haven't for quite a while and I think I have missed it!  I kindov randomly picked some of my favourites from my Flickr site - just make it colourful and maybe add a little bit of whimsy, throw in a feather, a teacup and a smile and I'd be over the moon!!

Michelle from A Quilted Tortoise is Swap Mama this round - her stuff is so ace!!!

What about you? Feel like a little mini challenge with a lovely surprise at the end??

Friday, 6 July 2012

Create a Full Circle

Wendy from Hartylittlepeaces needs you!

'I'm Excited!!!' as Big Kev (remember him?) used to say

Wendy loves art, breathes art, creates art - it is a part of her, and she not only is Head Poobah in running the Playful Market at Ashburton Baptist Church twice a year, she has created a fantastic opportunity for all your artistic dreams of exhibiting come true!!!

Join in - it is super easy to whip something up - grab an embroidery hoop from the local oppy! - look in their usually weird and wonderful haberdashery section
and start creating!!

  1. So - thinking hats on for the Theme of ''FULL CIRCLE'
  2. Get your application form:
  3. Pay your entry money donation (all proceeds go to a charity supporting Indonesian schoolchildren)
  4. Post (with s.a.s.e.) or deliver by Thurs 19th July
  5. Don't forget to come to the show!!! Saturday 28th July - it is going to look fantastic!!!  A myriad of hanging circular art.
Contact Wendy if you have any questions At All!  
Wendy is a lovely lovely person and would welcome you with open arms!


Thursday, 5 July 2012