Sunday, 21 February 2010

Summer in the City

'City Streets'

Banana and Passionfrut Cake - oh so good on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, with my favourite tablecloth, in the shade, the family quietly stuffing their faces hehe!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Brown paper packages....

This is a lovely little example of a red Whirly Gig, which Wendy made for everyone in the R&A swap - the background fabric is a very nice 'tea-stained' homespun - I would not have thought to use this colour - but I really like it!! I'm also doing Half Square Triangles - more red fabric on order!

Our Annual School Grand Fair is coming up next month - so Quilt making I go, for the Silent Auction - I sent an email to the Grand Poopah Organiser (who has taken on soooo much) to ask if the SA is still on (the organisers (some friends) up and left for the country! We still like them!)
Yes came the reply - we would love to have one of my quilts - awwww!
I decided on a very modern style, DS style, very 'tweens' ie 2010 grey and black and chartreuse (great word!):

Brown paper packages.....not tied up with string, but containing piles of delicious colours and fabrics for ATB Swap - sent today!! Got to get off to paid work, so will tell you about it next time!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Whippy is back!

Hello Everyone!!! Has the year started without me??

What can I say? Just a little ??? bloggy break but I am back - ready to start 2010 with a passion!

Okay - what have I been up to? : woman of few words here - so this is all you're getting:

Christmas - been and gone - apart from being sick most of the time, all good

New Year - the same

School Hols - been and gone - pretty relaxed - but glad they are over

Start of School Year - in the throws of it now - new school, new dance groups, new classes, new experiences left right and centre - the girls are tired, grumpy, excited, did I say tired?

Now to the interesting bit - THE SEWING!

Started my "Joseph's Coat" Quilt-along by Don't Look Know - after a momentous amount of waiting for the applique stuff from an online shop - I cut lots of petals out, then started to iron them onto the back of the fabric - and it wasn't fusible!!! Urg! Finally got the right stuff and have made two blocks - not quite the amount of other participants - but I go at an elephantine pace.

My very gorgeous blocks that I received from Chaletgirl's Block Swap - lots and lots of very pretty blues, yellows, greens, pinks and red 9-patch blocks.
This is kindov an old photo - I did received them while ago - I laid them out on a diagonal, but then couldn't fit a few blocks in - didn't have the right fabric for the corners (my feature fabric had run out and wasn't in the shops) - so I am sewing them as a big rectangle. Quilt top - 95% sewn together! It will happen!!

Sheridan from Chaletgirl asked for blocks made of squares for Around the Block Swap - any type as long as it is not wonky -keep it on the straight and (not necessarily) narrow! Lots and lots of green and grey fabric were provided - the elephants were the star of the show for me - so I had to include them!

Donna from Craftjunk sent lovely bits of pink and pink fabric plus a good chunk of white and asked for 'Dear Jane' style blocks - I took the simple route and produced these:

Joined two more swaps - first Wendy of Hartylittlepeaces has organised a great swap/get together for Red and Aqua Whirly Gigs;

Oh - give me a reason to collect red and aqua fabrics and I am IN!!

I got to meet her and the others joining in, on a Friday night and we talked fabric and colour and pattern and style and quilting and maybe the words: vagi...and peni... came up once or twice - it was all a lot of fun!! I had a ball and look forward to the next times I can meet up again!

I have also joined another virtual quilting bee - the Australasian Bee - see sidebar link!
Lots of new people to meet around Australia and New Zealand - I think I already know what my pattern and fabric is going to be; shame my month is not til March (not next month but 2011!) That's okay - someone has to go then!!

Seeing as it is nearly March!! I have to get my act into gear and get out my Around the Block fabrics to everyone - they are ready to cut - posting soon!

That's it for today - I am exhausted - this posting business is hard work when you get out of shape

Stay tuned for: more fabric - some greys and yellows, some reds and blues, more sewing - strips big and small, more quilts - a bit of Denise inspiration and some stars in my eyes!

oooo - I have just remembered - I am going to Sew Together 2010 - I am going - did I just say that? - wahoo! The irrepressible Sheridan has organised a T-riffic Weekend for Bloggy Crafty Chatty Hungry types in May! Here in gorgeous Melbourne and I can't wait!!!