Saturday, 18 September 2010

I wanna be a social climber

I have just fallen in deep deep love with "Garden Party" range by AMH - I think that I am about 2 years behind the times, but I was never a trend-setter....

This is what I am craving......
"Social Climber" in teal

It will look absolutely stunning in my new-to-be revamped lounge room (teal couch, navy chairs, splashes of red and gold oh yeah!)

Happy to sell my soul buy, swap, barter, clean your house, okay, I will clean your house but only to my "cough" standard

I have a call out to flickr-ites and now, I am asking my Whippy followers (I say that term very loosely, cos I know I don't have much to follow): Pleeeease Someone Help Me Cure This Itch!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

eye iz sik

Sick of feeling sick - anyone else feeling like hiding under the covers for the next month?  I have been and I think I still will be - any suggestions of a miracle cure for a cold that has lasted 2 -3 months???