Thursday, 11 July 2013

Blues and Greens should always be seen!

 Some shots of sewing - DD1 chose and made cushions for her bed

DD2 knitted her Very First Scarf - she threw her self into the project with gusto!

Some vintage bazaar hunting and buying! I've been a bit of a personal shopper recently and it is fun!

A local Patchwork shop had these beautiful things - Wendy would be proud of my green choices - could not leave them there!  

The multi print I could base a whole quilt around!

The ubiquitous family shots at the beach - coming here always brings us closer together and helps us 'breathe'

My most favourite buy this year - a Harris Tweed 'jerkin' - what a treasured find!!!

Blues and Greens should Always be seen :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Some quickies

I love doing little quickie sewing projects because they are usually hanging around forever in little piles somewhere around my sewing space - I see them and see them, but leave it til 'whenever'!  There is always something more pressing or interesting - well,

I have completed a lovely little neck scarf (is there any other kind???) made from a random scrap piece of Liberty Silk Jersey I picked up from Shaukrat in London - it feels just devine - I tell, you, I could wear this fabric all day all over, under and over clothes - it is sooo soft and silky and pretty to boot!

A vintage piece of cotton was given to me from someone (my mum I think given to her by an elderly friend)
Very narrow - how funny - and crisp almost stiff
Didn't have a clue what to do with it
but it is has been hemmed either end, and with a very nice and neat selvedge it will be an outdoor table runner for summer!  Oh Yes - planning summer already hehe!  I love an outdoor tablecloth and I've got a little collection of good vintage fabrics (read sheets!) in fun colours for some warm and colourful dining.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Little squares

Well, my reveal is My Liberty Squares Quilt top is SEWN - a looong time coming - first blogged about them August 2011 - so Yes, nearly 2 years for them to be actually sewn up!!!  Is this usual for you?  It actually has never bothered me that I have plodded along with this one. They have just been quietly sitting there waiting for me to spy them amongst the rabble and pick them, sew a couple of 9 patches and put them away again...bless their little cotton socks!

Had to show you a photo of some of them committing harikari off my design wall - 
Enough they said - sew us up!!!

 From a couple of humble packets of 2.5" squares of all different Liberty fabrics, bought off ebay I think, sewn with Pure Elements in Ivory - a sweet, gentle white, with a fine thread weave not unlike the Liberty.  
A match made in heaven.  

It is a little small - so a bit of a border in white I think - I do have some Liberty 1/2ms for the backing - what fun to have a hunt for those pieces!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What Whippys are up to this week. you love them? do you dislike them?

We do love them in our house - our girls go flat out each long term, so school hols are times of sleeping, lazying, telly watching and cooking! Lots of cooking lately, so the kitchen is in permanent state of mess.  The dishwasher never works so hard than in school hols lol!
DD1's stuffed capsicum - she said it was so full of good stuff, but I can't remember what - she gobbled it right up!

A spontaneous request for knitting lessons by DD2!
some nice big and chunky bamboo needles, some nice big chunky wool in a gorgeous teal colour (that is my go to colour, my 2013 colour ha!)

AND some sewing for me to do!  AusMod Bee gal Julie of Narioka wanted stars and using her very pretty selection of lots of Art Gallery fabrics (Love!) I chose these:

Ribbon Star: link 12"

Constellation (from Block Tool app) 6"  This was a nightmare block, just quietly - Julie may want to throw this one away....

Eccentric Star: link 6"

April Star: link 6"

Forgot to mention a big (for me) cos it is so long time coming (breath) reveal...