Sunday, 30 December 2007

Goodbye 07! Welcome 08!

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New Years Eve tomorrow! I have to admit that it is not my favourite day of celebration - I get a bit down every year about it - have I not done what I thought I would do in the year? - has another year gone by without me knowing? Yes and Yes. But that's life! I say! "Celebrate every day" will be my NY's resolution (not eat less and exercise more, which is the usual) A quiet night will be great for this family - still exhausted from Christmas, yet somehow we still manage to enjoy our slices of plum pudding and custard again and again. Why is it so??

Found some ace bloggies; Chaletgirl and Creative Controller - both Sydney girls and lovely crafters!

Check out the fabbo houses by Chaletgirl (plus the beautiful scenic banner - is that real or what?)
and then Donna's outdoor setting and robot

More projects to add to the 'I love it and want it and maybe I could make it - I certainly have the stuff to make it, but do I have the time/energy/inclination/guts/talent (just pick one)' list.

Do you remember my little teaser pictures? Well, ta da! Koala for my sister in London, made from felted jumper from op-shop and vintage chenille bedspread (with gum blossom accessory!) She (the koala, not sister) is having her last eucalyptus breakie before the long haul flight to England. She has her headphones and facial misting spray all packed, and is quite up to date with deep vein thrombosis exercises.

Little pressie for Ophelia from Mi , in Canada (crooked fluffy ears add character, I say!) She loves it - happy happy alround.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas One and All!

Uber cute (I know I say that alot, but nothing else describes it so well!) Cram Cream zippered bag with lots of cheapy ribbons from Repro fabrics and stuff - I so love Snow White and her little men and couldn't resist some Westfalenstoffe patterns.

OMG - Lollie pigout! We have no restraint or design (unlike Melly& Me)
My last piece of Christmas sewing - family said Ohhh and Ahhh - I think its a winner!

Merry Christmas and I wish for you, yes you, to have a safe, relaxed and fun time as we head into 2008 at lightspeed! God bless us, one and all!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Summer at Christmas

Summer at Christmas means little baby Preying Mantis' - I so love these - they are fascinating to look at and I know that my garden must be doing good, when these little beauties are romping around, making whoopee! (it must be eating the dirt off of my windows, lets hope)

Little library bags for my niece and nephew (3&4 y.o.) - trains for the obsessed (sorry, focussed) one, and Hanzel and Gretel, well because it is so cute!

A taste of Christmas bunting to come - all done except for the all important loops - otherwise, it will stay grounded, and that is just not right for bunting.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

I know it's the time for giving but...

I couldn't help myself! I had to buy it for myself - is that wrong, in this time of unselfishness and generosity to others - hey, I just thought, I gave monetary gifts to the owners of Z&S - there we go, guilt absolved.

I was wriggling in my seat when I pressed the 'buy' button at Z&S Fabrics (thanks Lara! for that link - I am going to be soooo poor!) Damm! When checking the link - there is a 15% discount - oh, the pain of missing a sale! (Have you worked out that I like to exclamate!!!!)

Meanwhile back at the ranch.....

Full Moon Forest is so lovely - I might just stare at it for eons to come. And stroke it.

Stare and stroke. Stare and stroke.

(Oops, two extras on far right, I mean left (I still have trouble with that - why?) above are not Full Moon - they are Margot range (can't remember designer). Love them too. Blends beautifully. One little criticism for Z&S - things are labelled under manufacturer, which is not always easy to remember and find)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

More Chrissy love

Thanks Shael for lovely Chrissy Deco plus uber cute elfin ribbon! Ophelia's little pressie is in the mail - I hope it gets there before Christmas! Go Post Go!

Don't you just love those retro balls - I found packets of them at a local op-shop and said YES! In perfect condition, I love the understated colours and the circles of shine which move as you move.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Just a little teaser

Can you guess the mystery gift? Give you a hint.....soft, grey, yo-yoey, chenille...okay that's it with the clues....I'm no help, am I!

A little bit of laminating and Uncle's Christmas present is done and dusted - a scene from Emily Rodda's 'Fairy Realm' - toadstool, bark table, strawberry cake (salvia flowers), purple spider web - the works! What a cool mouse pad!