Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Did I say I loved colour?

Colour Bricks!!

My (blog-finished) Colorbrick Quilt-along Quilt - for our next School Fair Silent Auction.

Thank you to Rachel from Stitched in Color - her Quilt-along was a joy to read and sew with - lots and lots of hints for beginners to get the most out of their sewing, and a super easy but really really effective pattern!!
I still have many steps to go to complete this, but....it's not due til March '11, so I can leave it til then, yes??

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

loving a bit of colour in my house

Came home from work on Monday night to discover a whole new lounge room in my house!!
A lovely young man has recovered our very servicable, yet tired, cat-scratched, plastic-y feeling couch into a soft, tactile, flecked-yet-solid, teal yes teal couch.  I know the modern asthetic is for cream, beige, taupe, brown or black furniture - but I yawn at the thought!  I want COLOUR and lots of it!

(Shot has not been altered in any way - yes washing (albeit clean) is piled up and a cup left out  - please avert your eyes- you looked didn't you!)

I still wake up and go straight (well almost straight) to the lounge room to have another look.
I have Anna-Maria-ed the lounge room.  I have always loved her sense of colour and mixing, not necessarily matching, sometimes clashing,  just mouthwatering and surprising combos and designs.
The two cushion covers I made (with some op-shopped zippers) and a little bit of 'cross-your-fingers and hope-to-hell-it-works-cos-I-dont'-have-anymore-of-this-fabric' (Stacked Books from Drawing Room range)
95% sure of construction - didn't succeed terribly well with the whole zipper flap business, but with a bit of a plump and fluff, they are fairly hidden.  They may need reducing down just a smidgen - you know those pesky corners that bunch and wrinkle - yep, got 8 of those.
Some chairs bought off ebay were also recovered in a not too dark navy - almost a deep denim.  I have some great fabric for cushions for these too.
Loving my couch with my AMH 'Folks love Squares' quilt - they go together like they were born for each other.
Ooh - I also have an inherited rocker being recovered too - in, guess what, more AMH!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Pink and brown....

Not sure who's the scariest looking thing at the party??????

The Chocolate Dalek Cake...OMG!!!

or Birthday Girl Pinky Lee from 'Grease'???

What else would you have at a 'Grease' themed party?

If you also have a DWOC (ie  Dr Who Obsessed Child) you can get the recipe here