Monday, 24 September 2012

Spring Sewing Retreat Day

Why don’t you join the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild at our Spring Sewing Retreat…right here at home!!

“Super Saturday Sewing Retreat”

When : Saturday 13th October 2012 from 9.00am to 10.00pm

Where : GJ’s Discount Fabrics, 443 Lygon Street, Brunswick East 3057, phone 9380 2989

Cost : $49 for the day, which includes pizzas and salads for dinner, snacks and drinks, door prizes and giveaways by the hour, a special 20% discount at GJ’s for the day (not valid in conjuction with loyalty card), AND a fabulous guest speaker ….

Rita Hodge from Red Pepper Quilts! 

To secure your place for this event, you will need to register via Eventbrite on the website and 
prepay in full directly to GJ’s by no later than 30 September 2012.

We will need a minimum of 20 attendees registered and paid in full by this date for this event to go ahead, so please don’t delay in registering for this very special day. You can do this by dropping in to the store personally, sending a cheque or money order, or paying by credit card over the phone.

Please note the following fine print...we are unable to offer half-day rates or discounts and refunds will only be offered if the event is cancelled. If you have registered and paid and are unable to attend you may send a substitute as long as they are a MMQG member.

We will be ordering pizza suitable for vegetarian members for dinner, however we suggest that those who have other dietary requirements bring their own food, to be completely safe.
All attendees are asked to bring suitable lunch items to share, such as sandwiches, mini-quiches and salads. You will be contacted about this closer to the date, so we ensure a spread of dishes for our feast!

We will need a few helpers to coordinate lunch dishes, purchase drinks and snacks and help run the activities of the day, such as games and brain teasers
Please email your willingness to help for this event Now to

It is going to be a fabulous day-into-night event and a great opportunity for some truly serious sewing!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I did say snail's pace

Okay - after my last post about how it is okay to be a slow blogger - I did kinda get the guilts cos it was back in July when I last said hello, and really, you shouldn't treat your friends like
this is what I have been doing....

Hubbie and I had a very indulgent trip away to amazing Thailand (more wonderful shots to come)
but I wanted to show you my travel project.....

 there was a hex on the beach 'grin'

I took my travel sewing pack away with me - it was the perfect thing!  

Hexys on the poolside table

Cut to home - DD2 was making her Ood Doll for school while hexys lay on my lap...

The first layout of my 
City Highlights 

Did you like the white sand shot?
Be prepared for more!

Monday, 10 September 2012

snail's pace

I'm proud and just a little crunchy underfoot!  I'm a slow blogger and am happy to adhere to the manifesto of all slow bloggers around the world......

(Pretty much lifted from Knotted Cotton's page - thank you KC for making me feel okay!)

"Slow Bloggers salute those amazingly productive bloggers who can show a big mosaic of makes at the end of each month - we are among your most admiring and avid readers.  Slow Bloggers generally worry that they are not so good at juggling the requirements of life, households, jobs and crafting.  
The Membership declares:
There are no conditions for membership - if you're a slow blogger, you probably know it.
A Slow Blogger may get on a roll and be very productive, but may equally well disappear into the summer holidays and appear sporadically, if at all. 
The aim of the Slow Blog movement is to take the pressure off by reminding ourselves who we blog for - us! - and encouraging ourselves that we will still have some readers even if we don't blog for more than a few days.  We will blog what we do, but will not do so that we can blog.
With membership you are declaring your intention not to sweat about the blogging when other things take over, or to feel apologetic if you have only made one thing in a month.   
Membership can be temporary!  You can drop in and out. 
Slow Bloggers do not have to Follow other members but will support those Slow Bloggers they do follow in their attempts to be productive in the face of the many obstacles that life throws up.
A Slow Blogger is identified by the snail button - no trouser-legs at half-mast or special handshakes!
Members of the Slow Blog Movement can if they wish share their activities and achievements (or excuses) in a Linky party at the end of each month. Hosting will be rotated - details tbc. A member may have had a productive month, or simply been smelling the flowers.  Having nothing to show is less important than having something to say! 
Nothing in the above is to be taken entirely seriously."