Sunday, 30 January 2011

Look Up!

Did ya notice my new header? didya didya???

I made it all by myself ....and with the wonderful machine of Picnik.

One Pretty Thing Blogging Tip roundup linked me to Life Sweet Life - great step by step instructions to easily and for free, change your blog header to something fun and fancy (if you wish) - I had to flick back and forth many many times, but that's okay!!!.....and I am happy happy happy!!!

Great Fun to play with -  I have already made three and I'm a-going back for more!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Coat hanger refashioned

Wouldn't this look so much more prettier hanging in your wardrobe, than the hundreds of empty hangers (cos I just can't be bothered ironing!)

Padded with a old chenille bedspread that I have been meaning to cut up for years now!

This one is a prototype - now to see if I can replicate all the good bits and none of the bad bits...eek?

Mustn't forget - pattern by Thea & Sami - this was a freebie from SIT 2010 - um, I know that was last year....early last year......but I was always going to do it.......; )

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

19 years ago...

I married my darling boy, who owns my heart forever.

I could not resist putting this photo in too - it is my all time favourite....ahhhh!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some red jewels..

Some tree bark after the rain

 A vintage Italian silk dress conversion....but the icky white buttons MUST go....

 Some red jewelled buttons discovered at the Camberwell Market, where else but at the Button Lady's stall! She picked these out for me and were the Per-Fect match!

Buttons sewn on, while relaxing outside on a Sunday arvo, listening to the garden sounds and the kitchen sounds of children baking...

Sorry - Banana cake all gone!!

Retro tin from op-shop, in my secret fave op-shop district - can't tell you - may have to maim you if I do)
If you really want to know, just ask hehe!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild

Need a break from the kidlets this weekend?  So many parents came into the library yesterday, looking just a little bit exhausted, frazzled, sharp, maybe desperate???  School hols can be a blessing and a curse!!

Tomorrow (Sat 8th) is the first date that Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild is getting together for 2011!

This year there will be two permanent spots to come and meet other Modern Quilting fans: Ashburton Library and South Melbourne Community Centre - once a month Sat or Sun

A Sit and Sew Day - A WHOLE DAY (from 10 - 5.00) could be yours, to relax, sew, chat, eat, read or sleep (if that is what you need - we won't mind - we will put you in a corner with some lovely quilts to snuggle under hehe)

Here are the details for registration (sounds all very formal, but it is just to get an idea of numbers)

I'm going to the Ashburton Library - I have told the family - that day is MINE ALL MINE - Wriggling in my seat!!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

2011 and running...

2011 Whippet Good - a little bit of Sunshine-y Goodness 

BUT going back a bit....

Christmas - over and done with...memories of

multiple family meals with lots of roast potatoes and plum pudding, silly hats and huge smiles!,
Nigella's Chocolate Christmas Cake made a week before Christmas, but had to be sampled to check if okay...yes okay, if a little overcooked...sampled over quite a few days...none left for Christmas Day (surprise!!)
pressies given and received,
bottles of empty wine clinking together,
shortbread biscuits nibbled on,
gingerbread house demolished,
lazy mornings, middays, afternoons and nights,
lots of Dr Who episodes and a spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures,

New Year - memories of....

BBQ's and bubbly,
catchups with neighbours,
sleepovers with friends in country - rode a quad-bike and made lots of dust clouds!
mountain climbs and rainforest skywalks,
visited all the 'dead animals' in the museum,
now....back to work...but only for a day - Yay!

Have joined in with Angela of Cut toPieces and her very controlled Fabric Diet Challenge - boy have I put on some fabric weight in 2010 - okay - so damm hard with a good Aussie dollar right now!!!!!

Okay - I blew it almost instantly cos I forgot - had to get some of Badskirt Amy's last FFA linen - just had to, okay???

Now - I am stopping.  Really.  It's only for two months.

hmmm does that mean I will be off it when I go to SIT in Sydney??  YES!!!