Saturday, 28 February 2009

Easy Peasy Blocks

My School Auction Quilt is made up of a very simple block using lots of scrap fabrics with one joining fabric (the aqua pindot).

I thought you may like to see how the block (called Mary's Triangle block) is made.

Take your scrap fabric and cut a

3 1/2 " square

Take your joining fabric (the aqua) and cut a

3 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle.

Sew right sides together at short edge of rectangle.

Make another pair.
It doesn't matter if the scrap pieces match, they will end up in different blocks.

Sew together along the long sides of the two (extended) rectangles,
with scrap pieces at either ends, like so:

Flip the whole piece over to the back and snip Very Carefully just to the edge of the seam
(Not Through the seam)

Press the now two seams in opposite directions (towards the joining fabric)

Flip back to RS and press

Now cut another scrap piece to 6 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Make sure it does not match the other smaller scrap pieces.

Take your sewn block and on the WS, take your ruler and line it up to the top left corner,

going just through the corner seam of the Right hand scrap block

(see near the 5 3/4 mark on the ruler)

With a light pencil or fabric marker,

rule the line all the way from the Top Left Corner of the block,

just past the top most seam corner to the other side of the block,

1" from the bottom of the block.

Keep the block the same way and do the same with the Bottom Right Corner of the block,

just through the bottom left corner of the seam and up to the other side,

1" from the top of the block.

This is how the lines should look:

Place the marked block RS together with the large scrap block you cut out previously;

the two blocks should measure exactly, pin and sew along the lines.

Take it nice and gently through the very corner of the seam:

this will give you beautiful finished points!

Chain piece for some very quick blocks:

Here is the block with the two lines sewn:

Take your ruler and line it up 1/4" in from each line

Cut through the middle of the block:

Take your ruler and measure 1/4" from the other line and cut again!
Throw away the scrappy bit.

Open out the two triangles left and press the seam towards the large scrap triangle

Et Voila! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeesy!

I found some other examples of what this block can produce:




If you make something, show me -I would love to see it!

I spy a quilt

My School Auction Quilt is finished!

I have really enjoyed working on this one - using one of my all-time favourite fabrics - the soft aqua pindot - (still some left in my stash!) and a fun selections of unicorns, butterflies, lollies, dogs, fairies, gold sparkles and more.

I am feeling a little bit sad already to see it go - I hope the winner will love it and snuggle it!

I need a name for this though - any suggestions for me?

Edit: Its name is now 'I Spy 'Round The Corner'!

Friday, 27 February 2009

DQS6 Sign ups

DQS6 200 px/inch
Originally uploaded by Pink Trees
Doll Quilt Swap No. 6!!!!

Sign up now Aussie quilters - it just seems to get bigger each time!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A New Day of Hope

This is the logo you can place on your blog if you would like to be involved, even in some small way, with the Bushfire Quilting Bee, happening on Sat 21st March, in Ashburton, Vic.

See Jan's post for all the details.

(I found the block on a free quilting clipart site - I felt that the rising sun signified a new beginning - a new day - a new start to life - hope!)

Check out your stash for some lovely fabrics, some batting, that huge backing piece that you are not going to use anymore, maybe some spools of thread, a collection of yo-yos you made two years ago, packets of needles or just your time and effort.... really the list could go on and on!

(wow -I have edited this page so many times! I had to mention thanks already to Cherrie of Willywagtail who has offered to donate a quilt top!)

If you would like instructions to put the picture on your blog:
(edited - this are 'Blogger' instructions)

simply right-click on the logo on my sidebar (this is a smaller version of the one above)

click on 'Save Image As' and save it to your favourite spot on your computer files eg. 'blog'

then go to your 'Layout' page within your blog

click on 'Add a Gadget'

choose 'Picture'

upload the saved image and use this address in the 'link' bar:

don't forget to press Save!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Arty Farty

This is where someone sends you their material and embellishments, you make something for them and send it back.  

I have to admit: orange, yellow, brown and green are not my favourite colours in the world so when I opened the package to find lots and lots of these, my heart sank.  

Still, they are someone else's favourites so suck it in Bronwyn and sew.

Alicia from lucysquilts received this from me a while ago:   

I was inspired by Alicia's photos of her snow covered forest - I though it was quite 'arty' which is something I never do.  Not sure if it is her 'thing'; if you know what I mean; still, you live and learn.  

The back - random pieces - I like this a lot too

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Much needed colour

This is what I need at the moment - colour colour colour! A trip to Gardenworld in Springvale at the 'collector's corner';

orchids - big, little and oh so fragrant!

These beautiful plants reassure me of God's design in the world.

A picture of 'Bob' (now called 'Bruiser' by his foster mummy), here asleep with his teddy!
I just want to tickle that tummy!

Some crafty goodness for and from me - cot quilt for cousin's new baby - hand quilting with Perle thread - I am enjoying it sooooo much!

This is the back - gorgeous Temple Flowers range of Amy Butler - found in stash - (had to keep a little bit back for moi) and some Heather Bailey swirly matched so well!

On the front: Amy Butler's Midwest Modern range using my sampler bought from Quilt Home

I love the idea of a litttle bit from each pattern in a large range - 1/8 strips of 40 or so pieces which are designed to mix and match and carry colour and pattern to and through each other-

Can I suggest to any Aussie shops out there - to trial this style of fabric stashing as a kit - so many things you can do with these strips - skirt layers, placemats, and of course quilts! Fantastic for beginner sewers to just sew straight lines and/or for those who are pattern/colour challenged (maybe like me! I do find fabric shops overwhelming with options - don't get me wrong - This Is A Good Thing - but sometimes little things like fabric chosen for us helps with the 'foggy head' days!

Thanks to Jenny and Louise at Amitie, for helping me with colour choice of thread and of the backing -I did feel quite light-headed that day (I think the new flooring fumes affected me) so sorry girls if I was a bit spacey! Amitie is also a dropoff point for Handmade Help.

Monday, 16 February 2009


The Fires felt very close for such a long time for me....not physically, but emotionally, and still do. We did not know of anyone 'touched' by the bushfire; we did not lose any family or friends, but I think the whole of Melbourne, the whole State, the whole Country felt the pain and suffering in some small way. How could you not?

I made the mistake of reading the newspaper one day last week and felt physically ill - crying in a cafe may be the norm around here at the moment. A friend celebrated her 40th birthday with lots of friends and family and singing and cheering, yet she felt terribly guilty for her celebrations. How and when does the guilt of having life and loved ones dissipate when for others, it will never ever leave.

Sam lost his wife and three children; he just wants to be close to them now, he doesn't care about his house and things, he just wants to be near them. "They would like that" he says calmly.

We were holidaying in Healesville in Yarra Valley for a family wedding a couple of days before the Fires - on the Friday hubbie and I drove north of Healesville through Toolangi and almost on to Kinglake. I am so glad we didn't see the last of Kinglake that day - the memories would be too bad. We were so close, yet here we are safe at home.

I don't believe Toolangi was burnt - maybe the ancient Fern Trees are still standing:

I love this photo of Ann-maree and Simon - it says so much to me - the simple touch of entwined fingers - a symbol of hope and love and kindness, togetherness and peace.

Jan of Sewjourn has organised a Quilting Bee for some quilty love and care for those who need it so badly

Here are some details, by Jan:
  • Come along for all or part of the day to sew
  • Donate fabric, batting or backings for use
  • Make any 12 inch block and send it in and we will make them up into quilts on the day
  • Make a Scrappy Log Cabin block - Emma has a good tutorial here
  • Offer to machine quilt one or two quilts for us
  • Offer to hand quilt a quilt
  • Offer to hand sew a binding or two
  • Come along to make calico bags for the quilts
  • You might have a half-done quilt top you are happy to donate to be finished off
  • Spread the word - please pass on to all of your crafty friends

We already have some batting and backings donated and we will be using all the scraps that lovely ladies have left at Sewjourn to be made up into charity quilts. We need more batting and backings though and are happy to list down the businesses that support us so if you think of anyone you can ask please let me know.

Here are the details:

When: Saturday 21st March 9.30am - 4.30pm

Where: LightHouse, Ashburton Uniting Church, 7 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton, 3147

What to bring: Your sewing supplies, fabric, lunch. Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Contact: Jan Joseland on 0409 964 755 or

I've booked myself in - raiding the stash will never feel so worthwhile.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


No colourful pictures today -I can't manage to collect and show crafty stuff at the moment.

I am laying low for awhile with posting - sadness overtakes me and all I can feel is black.  

Read Kylie's post - she says it all.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Summer Sewjourning

A very delightful excursion to Sewjourn happened last week - 'eleven ladies dancing' to the humming of machines and chatter and munching and sewing and laughing- what a day!!!

Jan - hostess with the mostess

Meredithe and Bonnie - 'assistants' to Jan and delightful women

Kylie and her friend Katherine (who I discovered is who my sister stayed with in London years and years ago, and whose husband we knew as teenagers!)

Cathy and Cam

Suze and Janet

Me and my friend Michelle (look at Jan's site for her picture of Michelle's pinboards she made for her kids - the colours are so much fun - buttons to be sew on yet)

Table for a Long Lunch

Hard at Work

Kylie with her stunning centrepiece - what a lovely lady she is!

One of Jan's quilts - ooh, chenille!!!

Thank the Lord above! It has cooled down a fraction now- just enough to catch our breath!

But look what the intense heat has done to the garden:

My Gordonia - 'fried egg' plant - boy, fried alright!

The hydrangea - well, what more can I say?

There are some survivors - amazingly my one and only azalea - seemed to go exceptionally well, despite an almost complete lack of care by us (I did water it once and threw mulch at it, during a very early morning rage at the heat)

And of course The Rose Bush!
"Bring It On" I can hear it yelling. Just keep your voice down, will you?