Sunday, 23 June 2013

A smattering...

Okay - I have a moment of spare time to show you some random things....

My DD2's framed artwork on the wall - abstract to say the least, but we love it!

Some more artwork - a very lovely piece (The Silver Tree) purchased recently - artist proudly standing by!
Now hanging in a spot we see a hundred times a day and hubbie often remarks on it.  I knew he would love it too :)

A sweet and delicate set to go with my treasures Mid Century (Scandi) collection - 
Dutch I believe, so close enough ;)
Found at Salamanca Market, Hobart.

A hardback edition of The most amazing book - written entirely by a man who, at 42, suffered a stroke which left him entirely paralized, bar his left eyelid. He dictated his story with one eyelid, which is not only an incredible thing to do, but his writing draws you in; funny, witty, incredibly sad.  I read this book about 15 years ago, and loved it then and love it now.  So pleased I found a copy at a secondhand bookshop for $9. This was my best treasure found in Hobart.

A bit of scoring at Le Op Shoppe - 2.5m of a heavy wool (I think) fabric for $20 - I am thinking a Clover Cape (Style Arc) could look good in I bonkers to think that will happen???

and some vintage flannelette single sheets - I LOVE these - pjs here methinks

Cannot say goodbye to this post without mentioning my 3 day weekend away with The Girls - Kylie, Anna, Wendy, Karen, Kirsty, Narelle, Kylie and Sam - lots of sewing, singing, eating eating eating, antique auctioning, coffee slurping, pj wearing good ol retreat....Great Times Girls!!

I did make this!!!
Vintage robe pattern made from AMH's rayon challis
Slinky, silky, oh so cool and smooth on the skin
oooh lalaa

(I skimped on how much fabric I would need - the tie is super long made from offcuts of both fabrics - I enjoyed that bit of patchwork hehehe)

and last but not least

The Time Lord
Block 2

Phew!!! Told you it was random smandom!!

A Bit of Something for Everyone

Now off to the multiple loads of washing to get on the line of this Most Beautiful Sunny Winter's Day