Sunday, 31 May 2009

Come see the Quilt Hanging

Bushfires Quilt Hanging

Saturday 20th June

11am - 4.30pm

Lighthouse, Ashburton Uniting Church

7 Ashburn Gve, Ashburton

Over 40 quilts made for Bushfire Survivors are on display

Gold coin donation on entry and Raffle
All proceeds go towards professional quilting for some Bushfire Quilts

Wow - did you read that?

Aprox. 40 Quilts will be shown!

Scones with jam and cream!

A Raffle to win one of the beautiful quilts - it is simple, modern, in blues, greens and whites with Amy Butler prints - picture to come!

Check out the lovely suburb of Ashburton while you are there - High St has great fruit and veg stores, delis, bakeries and cafes, gift stores and sushi in The Arcarde, toys, hair and beauty, fashion and lots more! Oh, did I mention Op-shops too?

Will be a Great Day Out - hope to see you there!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sad pressies for me

The pressies are not sad - I am sad because hubbie has been away for nearly 2 weeks now, for work, and when I feel alone, I don't reach for the bickie jar (I do that anyway), I sit at the computer and shop.

So, my growing list of 'cheer-me-up-pressies' include:

a wonderful print by Anke Weckmann - her etsy store - the girls are so like my girls it is uncanny - so I had to have it. Along with the print came lots of gorgeously strange postcards and prints of Anke's illustrations - my D2 and I poured over them this morning, talking about what we liked and what was our favourite face. My favourite is the postcard of the girl with swishing hair - love her striped stockings and her wistful face. Thanks Evie of homemade romance for the link!!

My Chaletgirl Block Swap is still going strong - "the (9-patch block) force is strong with this one" - so much so that I feel just a little obsessed with it! I just adored this AMH's fabric so much and enjoyed making these blocks So Much that I wanted a quilt just like them!! Lots of Good Folks range and just a little bit of Kaffe for sanity's sake:

More Chaletgirl Goodness - I received my Vintage Sheet Swappage!! Oh, such lovelies! I can honestly say that I truly like all of my new ones - Sheridan (and her mum) put in such a huge amount of effort and needs a Huge Bloggy Clap!! Look at the card that came with it - a little piece of vintage love stuck on

The following photos do not show how very pretty the colour all are - really, very pretty!

Now, was I talking about Chaletgirl? Yes, there is more - after my sobbing into my hankie about all the Heather Ross stuff she has, and I don't...sob...sob...I cheered up considerably when I was offered to be part of some HR buying and stashing - yes, please!! This is what I got:

Can you see the pea?

Look at that face, will you?

Now was I talking about 9-patch blocks? Yes there is more - I am very very inspired by this wonderful beginning and basically I want to copy it exactly - no, I won't do that!! But vintage fabrics and polkadots - this I will do!!! I stared and studied the photos until my eyes ached last night. I think there are lots of Kaffe dots and I need to get some - oh, what hardship!

Phew - that is enough for now! Get away from that Paypal button Bronwyn!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bushfire Quilting Bee No. 2

There are so many wonderful quilts being made for the Bushfire Survivors (so much more positive than 'victims' - don't you think?) that I shall just let the pictures speak for themselves (phone camera quality, I'm sorry)

I am working on these two:

Some hard workers:

Here are the 'Hand-sewing Ladies' - lots of binding sewn in today, with just a little bit of chatter??!!

This is a 'candlewick' one - just can't see it in this terrible photo - but it looks superb!

Stay tuned for some details on 'The Quilt Hanging' : entry with a gold coin donation - we are also selling raffle tickets - both to raise money for some professional quilting to be done.

So many giveaways at the moment:
loving this one in particular - Jet Designs - free book and patterns - crossing my fingers!

Don't forget to have a look at my SEWN Party giveaway -
look right underneath the Sewn Logo for the link!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Fabric Stash Just Increased

Some wonderful people, namely hubbie extraordinaire and new friend Janellybelly, chatted for aproximately 30 mins last week. In Perth, Western Australia.

At a Fabric Store: Textile Traders.

Apparently the other women in the store were agog that a man was there, buying metres and metres of fabric for his woman back home!

What a honey!

Janelle very kindly got some lovely AB Midwest Modern together and then via phone, chose some gorgeous AB Chantelier fabric for backing and some other spots and stripes.

8 m of AMH - for D2's bedroom curtains:
8m of AMH for seaside curtains:

Great choices Janelle!

She was very naughty and gave Me a present - I mean, the girl did all this work for me, and then decided that that wasn't enough!

What a gorgeous bag - love love love the label inside too!

Camberwell Market

On a mild Sunday morning, myself and 5 other gals met up for coffee and muffin before hitting the many many stalls of wonderful trash and treasure!

I met Pip, Gemma, Evie, Kim and Judy - we talked craft (of course), books (of course), market hunting (of course), then we (kindov) said our silent farewells, as we cruised the outdoor aisles, scanning for something special to jump out at us.

I was very pleased with what I scored:

Some great buttons from The Button Lady for....My 'Button': $10

These two are 'holidaying in a hotel'

Two exceptionally good Irish Linen Tea Towels: $5 each

A very pretty tin for D1, in great nick: $10

Didn't buy but loved all the same: A Bluebird Sewing Machine; 1930's in original condition with original sewing cabinet, in a most beautiful aqua patina:

It doesn't have a bobbin, but uses a shuttle instead (far left of fuzzy photo)

At the very last minute and with my last $10, some chenille: