Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Playing with my Grannys!

IMG_48 by Whippet Good
IMG_48, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.
Yes Janine and Susie - I am doing anything else so I don't study - I'm afraid I have a subject with an academic nazi (can I say that?) which is giving me the pips!

I would rather be doing this!...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

PowerCam is Cool!

A completely unsolicited plug for PowerCam app for your Smartphone

So. Much. Fun.

You may see a dog, you may see a quilt, you may even see some daggy faces....just don't adjust your telly....

Is that fun or WHAT!

Is this the saddest face ever?

Woke up this morning to find Ruby had slashed her chest open and I mean open - ewww again, a big, long hole! - can you see the 'millions' of stitches on her little pink chest (more than double is hiding in the photo)?

We had left the dogs out at night as the whole family was out doing thangs and as it was such a hot night, the dogs would love it!  DD1 put the dogs to bed late and said that she didn't really notice anything different about Ruby, and the vet said she thought the wound was less than 6 hours old - which means that it happened to her over night???  While she was safely tucked up in bed!

I got the smallest wriggle of a tail wave when I came home from work today
Made me love her even more.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Do we have a responsiblity?

Just had an 'interesting' interaction with another blogger who makes quilts - I happened across (as you do) her blog through others' links to a very pretty quilt she had designed and made and called it a 'Baby' quilt.  This quilt was done in all over raw edge applique - the threads were already showing, even though some edges were pinked, probably through washing, and were obviously starting to fray.

I left a comment on her post, regarding how much I liked her colour placement and design, but suggested that it not be named a 'baby' quilt, because of obvious threats to infant safety such as threads catching in baby's throat, around fingers etc. I stated that I did not want to sound negative, but cautious because others may not be aware of infant safety concerns.

My comment was posted - a little while later, I received an email stating that because she names all her quilts and her designs according to its size, it will remain a 'baby' quilt.  That's it.  Nothing else.  I'm afraid I saw red after finding out that she had removed my comment from her blog (as if it was abhorrent) and so replied with a rather sarcastic tone (of which I am not too proud of) thanking her for removing  my comment from her post, just in case others became aware of some issues other than her wonderful quilt design.

Do you think others should be warned of any dangers regarding infant safety, or is it simply none of my business, I should pull my head in and let people do whatever (to their quilts, their families)...without any footnote needed.

Should one line of warning be placed? Do designers have a responsibility to those that follow them?

Why are bloggers so sensitive to any form of criticism?  Is it because We just want to be liked - isn't that a major reason why we blog our creativity, so that others can see, and admire, and chat about and review and so many other things.....

I know its her blog, so she can do what she likes, just as this is my blog - we love the connections blogging brings us - how far do these connections go?  how do we know where the line is drawn between criticism and friendly advice?

Do give me either criticism or friendly advice - it's okay!  I will accept both!

Monday, 13 February 2012

The blues

My 'British Blues' - a range of blues, greens, mauves and lavenders called Coloured Dreams by Fabric Freedom - I got a jelly roll while in the UK last year and found a quick and easy pattern called Basket Case!

Laying out the rows at MMQG yesterday, I had some help from friends to make sure pairs weren't touching and that the overall look was 'messy' enough to be 'right'!!

Lynne suggested taking a black and white photo - helps to see the darks are distributed randomly enough
I think they are...

Anyone else got Powercam on their iPhone?   What absolute fun!!!

This one is TCVGA..whatever that means...

This one is Solarize...

I couldn't resist Granny new scrap project!

Though I certainly add to my scrap bag more than I take out I'm absolutely sure!!

Floaty bubbles!...

Some toes in some favourite Birkers...

This one has had the blues.....Ruby fell and scraped the skin off her kneecap

...ewwww I saw bone!!

$445 later, she's getting lots of cuddles telling her not to do that again!....

We call her Conehead now....

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dr Who Spectacular!

Family Christmas Present happening yesterday!

Dr Who Spectacular with  the MSO
Australian First

So So Good

Hosted by 'Canton'
He was a fantastic host and performed impeccably

3 hours of fantastic music solely composed by the amazing Murray Gold

Video (with just a little glitch...everyone laughed and laughed when the sonic screwdrivers came out!!!)

Solo performances by Antoinette Halloran
and Tobias Cole
Just Beautiful.

Photos from inside the beautiful Plenary Theatre came out pretty rotten and even outside where not crash hot.....but we did find some aliens  YAY!!!!

There were DALEKS, Cybermen, a Judoon, OODs, Vampires of Venice, 



Fez, bowtie and "Mrs Tennant" t-shirt!

My lovely scrappy +and x quilt!

Big Kiss and Hug for my giant block! Just like for the front hehehe

My lovely scrappy +and x quilt!

My lovely jubbly scrappy wrappy quilt is finished!

It has a little bit of history (a rather annoying and frustrating visit to a professional baster who chopped off a good section of the pieced back URRGGHHRR!) which put it in my 'bad books' for a while...til I realised that it was not my quilt's fault...and I began to love it again!

Big kiss and hug for my quilt...X O

Do you feel this way about your work when finally done and dusted?

Have you had any troubles with 'professionals' who don't do the 'Right Thing' by the quilt or the quilter??? Vent to me and we can vent together!!