Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pink and green... and little bit of sweat

Found these very pretty scrapbooking 'things' - do they have a name? at the discount bin at Spotty.  Lovely lovely Heather Bailey decals and such.
They will make easy cards for people - a bit of heavy cardstock paper, a guillotine (mwhahaha!) some spongy sticky stuff for a 3d-ish feel and voila!

A package was thrown onto  my front verandah today - I was upstairs and heard the thump - and that only means one thing!!!  Pressies!!!

This was what I won from Judy of Punch&Judy

Wow - super quick postage - no mucking around with country folks!
(my photo doesn't show all the templates - I wasn't ripped off lol!)

I have big plans!!  Scrounging (is that a word?) in my stash pulled up a range I had bought quite a few years ago and had started a project of 9-patch blocks, but got bored and stopped......well, they are perrrrrfect for how I want my DWR quilt to look.

Very subtle

Very clean

Very pretty, but not girly

Very crisp

Very neutral, but not boring

This is mainly by Anna Griffin - 'Charlotte'
 I am going to have maybe a Kona Snow solid for the background and a mixture of these (delicate shell pinks, creams, taupes, soft soft golds, hints of pewter for the arcs.

Thought I should practice first!!!

Using my Curve Master Foot - I did have to sew and unpick about 5 times, til I turned the pieces over with the smaller one on top and it went - First Go (well almost - I know it's not exact on the end - but It Did Work!!)  No puckering, no gathering, no pins, just skill - I just wanted to high five someone, but instead I did a little fist in the air, all by myself.

Can you see all the little holes and threads?  

These are called Perseverance

This I must remember.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Pink and gold

 I received some lovely Far Far Away Mark 2! from Rose in Adelaide - some super cute moons in gold and natural - as well as a little sweet extra piece of an owl&pussycat moon - the linen fabric is softer than I imagined!  Also got a sweet vintage sheet pillowcase and the most hairiest throw pillow you could think of - rather lion mane-ish!!

Daughter No. 2 had her 11th birthday recently - I found a great little idea on the net of course - but can't remember where!! of making ruffled streamers!!  They looked super good hung up around the house.

More fun photos to come - watch out for the Dalek!.......

Some Erin Morris 'Weekends' fabric range - couldn't resist their peachy pinky sweetness - had to get those bicyles!!

Some wonderful news too - I won a giveaway from Punch with Judy to win my choice of templates - I love the idea of a Double Wedding Quilt pattern - inspired by this one in neutrals (scroll right down to the bottom of the page)

My Curve Master Foot will be essential to make this little baby up.
Thanks Judy!!  I have been thinking all day and night about how I want it to look - but I did stop in time to concentrate on my whirly girl quilt:

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Holidays must come to an end....

School Holidays are so good sometimes, that I wonder why we need to go back to work/school/job/life at all.........we have been away at the beach and we have had such a good time - just plain old good family time together!

But you are not interested in that!! No - show me some fabric!!!

These two shots are for the Colorbrick Quiltalong - hosted by Stitched in Color - this will be my last School Auction Quilt - maybe be my favourite yet!!
I had so much fun playing with my stash to find bright, interesting fabrics - loving my echidnas and chickens and apples ohyeah!

My Red & Aqua Block Swap was held last night at my place - it was a good turnout - with friends coming along for the first time and lots and lots of loud discussion about what to do with our next swap starting 2011.
My family chuckled about how noisy a bunch of women could be discussing sewing!!

But - what to do with my little blocks?
This was an idea....

and this was an idea.....

But, I like this!!

and then maybe this?? (dont ask me about the white sheet (actually) my design wall..huh?)

Some much wanted blocks for Australasian Bee member - Jen of Cheeky Child - she requested a 16 inch block made with her Michael Miller Fairy range of fabric and for us to embellish any way we like.

I found some lovely lace, stamped ribbon and made a lace flower:

Some extra blocks made for a friend's daughter: pink was requested for the borders and I love my Laurel Birch fabrics - I have had them for a very long time now and they should be used and enjoyed!

Here are the fam at Sorrento back beach or surf beach (if you dare!)

Some pink and white heath - our state floral emblem:

Love this picture of hubbie:

This one is for the Auntie - your wacky nieces!!