Thursday, 15 September 2011

The obsession continues....

Thought I would be kind and not give you one block in your face, over and over and over, but a group, a collection, a series of quartets, not in any particular way or fashion, really just how I stuck them up on my wall.  

When will this rollercoaster ride finish?  I don't know yet...the thrill is still there...but maybe wavering ever so slightly....

I'm already thinking of new things for this block....I like the idea of a set of colours for a whole scrap quilt - is it still a scrap quilt when it's organised/planned/designed/coordinated?
I have 3 boxes of various shades of blue, including aqua and teal, even going into purples maybe and lots of red/raspberry/pink overtones fabric...this could be good - may depend on how restrained I can be (which is not very much when it comes to the Stash)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

+ and x block - maybe my fave so far??

+ and x block by Whippet Good
+ and x block, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.
Very Hungry Caterpillar is my all-time favourite picture book, so of course I had to have him in my all-time favourite quilty block!!

you guessed it!

+ and x block by Whippet Good
+ and x block, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.

+ and x block - one more

+ and x block by Whippet Good
+ and x block, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.

here we go again...

+ and x block by Whippet Good
+ and x block, a photo by Whippet Good on Flickr.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Medallion triangles

Just enough quirky for this round - lets see what we can do next month!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Some more CC's

Okay, just a little bit more Chisels...

Now for their ROCK!!

'Goodbye Astrid'

'Rising Sun'

but to finish this post - "Choir Girl" - one of their most sensitive beautiful songs - I was only 8 years old at the time of this clip - if I had been double that, at the time, I would have gone gaga over this man!

hehe love the RAGE icon on the clip - does it bring back memories for you too?


Yes We are Cold Chisel Fans
Yes - we are going to their concert!!!!!!!

2011 Reunion Tour in November
(sadly without drummer (late) Steve Prestwich)

I expect a very sore throat at the end

Indulge me with just a few little recordings....

I'll start with their Ballads....just a few of my faves...



love this Countdown clip - Mossy and Barnesy were such SPUNKS!

(Orange jumpsuits were the rage in 1980!lol!)


My Medallion Quilt has me doing the above...this month the assignment is Triangles - I like triangles...alot...I'm just hopeless at the maths to make them...and make them well!

I've cut my centre piece which I am happy with - but first problem is that it is not an easy size to piece around, due to fussy cutting the owls in the middle.....just do not know how to make triangles fit each

Experimenting with ideas;   just a few maybe flying geese along each edge and fill in with fabric - that way I 'd don't have to have exact measurements
or....blocks of different blocks around the centre in an eventual log cabin pattern (or not)

I feel inspiration coming from here

Red Hot Basket
by Stacey - Gorgeous and very INSPIRATIONAL!
 What can I say about this? I love love love it! The colours of predominately aqua and red (which I love), complemented with bright yellow and orange and black - I would not think to do this!!, the block piecing, the fun floating bubbles of butterflies, the seriousness of the blocks on the right and the wonky fun houses on the left, the mini HST around and the giant flying geese, the random little blocks and the fill-in fabrics. I am so impressed!

I've collected a few more lovelies in my Medallion gallery

I think I need this too!
!Collaborative Quilting