Monday, 28 October 2013


 The murkiness of life is overwhelming sometimes

: in unlikely places

A little glimpse of my entry for the Full Circle project

Monday, 7 October 2013


Okay my sweet Whippy readers - stuff does still happen here at Whippy Good Whippet-haus.  Freedom has arrived in the form of Uni finish for 2013 - OMG - what a weight is lifted from my thinking brain and broad shoulders hehe!

A little packet of Amy Butlers Soul Blossom charm squares has sat on my desk for a while, looking at me, wooing me over, until I could take it No More - a little or rather, big-little blankie for my sewing machine - the colours are so so so pretty, with a dash of Kaffe thrown in for good measure - the colours scream SPRING to me - maybe a garish Spring but I like that!!

DD2 overpainted a school project that she had never liked and off her own bat, 

created another masterpiece

I saw this in an Oxfam shop window - so much prettier than the photo

and this is a Great Idea for those elusive machines thrown on the side of the road, yeah right, but I do love the succulents!  I want this in my garden!

Just a 'little' montage of my just completed Staple Dress; it was a pdf download, printed out, stuck together, transfered onto interfacing as the template and sewn together!!  I am just a little bit CHUFFED! (As a side note - I like Urban Dictionary's definition no. 3   To be quite pleased with oneself in the manner of a child going potty unassisted. Yes I can go to potty unassisted AND I can sew a dress!!!  Baby, if I can sew a dress, then anyone can, Truly Truly. 

Instructions were great - except for the pockets - I didn't understand one word of it really, but just closed my eyes and crossed my fingers -yes, I did this and sewed at the same time ;)  and they came out Okay!  The shirring didn't quite work either - I decided to just do the back - I got one row to work, but couldn't get the elastic to repeat its magic again....that's fine - I'll wear it with a belt I think, which does the same thing really.

The family were Very Impressed.  "Did you buy that today?"  NO hehehe, I Made It!!  

Wow Mum, it looks Great.....ahhhhh music to a sewer's ears.  Hubbie spotted my excellence in sewing the neck and armhole facings and loved the dress, the colour, the pockets and me in it!
Love that man!!