Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wintery Sunshine

 This is where we were for half of the Winter School Holidays - and yes, it was cold, bleak, dark and oh so well wintery.  We love it!

This photo gives me the eerie sense that the boathouses are just holding their heads above water

The family including Nanna with her snow bunny beret - and a shot of Ruby! yay!!!

Bits and pieces of sewing is happening around these parts - mainly at MMQG - I am diligently working on my DWR quilt, though not so much recently - there is proof though - check out recent photos taken at last meeting - I'm holding up my 'melons' (blush blush). Got lots of new info from friends for next steps in my DWR so no bl**dy excuse!

This is 'I just had to do it' block:  Japanese + and x quilt-along  - Badskirt Amy wrote the tute inspired by a Japanese original.

(I think I have a new addiction)