Sunday, 30 December 2007

Goodbye 07! Welcome 08!

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New Years Eve tomorrow! I have to admit that it is not my favourite day of celebration - I get a bit down every year about it - have I not done what I thought I would do in the year? - has another year gone by without me knowing? Yes and Yes. But that's life! I say! "Celebrate every day" will be my NY's resolution (not eat less and exercise more, which is the usual) A quiet night will be great for this family - still exhausted from Christmas, yet somehow we still manage to enjoy our slices of plum pudding and custard again and again. Why is it so??

Found some ace bloggies; Chaletgirl and Creative Controller - both Sydney girls and lovely crafters!

Check out the fabbo houses by Chaletgirl (plus the beautiful scenic banner - is that real or what?)
and then Donna's outdoor setting and robot

More projects to add to the 'I love it and want it and maybe I could make it - I certainly have the stuff to make it, but do I have the time/energy/inclination/guts/talent (just pick one)' list.

Do you remember my little teaser pictures? Well, ta da! Koala for my sister in London, made from felted jumper from op-shop and vintage chenille bedspread (with gum blossom accessory!) She (the koala, not sister) is having her last eucalyptus breakie before the long haul flight to England. She has her headphones and facial misting spray all packed, and is quite up to date with deep vein thrombosis exercises.

Little pressie for Ophelia from Mi , in Canada (crooked fluffy ears add character, I say!) She loves it - happy happy alround.


Jodie said...

Gorgeous little koala bron. Can't wait to see what you get up to in 2008.

Sheridan said...

Thanks Bron for the lovely comments. The banner is a photo I took in Austria a few years ago. The sparkles on the water are real!

Oh, and lovely pressie for Ophelia! I am a fan of Mi too!