Tuesday, 2 June 2009

C-M-U (or cheer-me-up) pressies

No, no, no; no sad pressies here!! Hubbie is home and I am super super pleased! My C-M-U pressies are here too and I am super pleased.

Note: double super for hubbie returning home compared to single super sewing goodies - I know he reads this, so got to get my priorities right!

Okay; goodies list:

Eleven - yes, 11!!! Quilting Mags arrived with my dear husband on Sunday: he just grabbed the lot he said!! This will keep me busy for hours and hours and hours; sorry family, dinner may be a little late?

Some patterns I bought and sent to Hubbie's hotel in San Fran - had to make the most free US Shipping!Love this postcard from Pink Chalk Studios:

A Ruffler for my machine and a top-edge stitching foot from Gone Sewing - $3.33 postage to anywhere in the world!! Will find a link soon which put me on to this.....

Needed some Kaffe lime 'paperweight' ; I had run out and one of my Chaletgirl Block Swappers really really wanted some for her blocks - could not find it anywhere except a Uk ebay seller - got some lovely Kaffe dots too - great match!

Some Red Letter Day (what does that mean?) by Lizzy's House - love ducks - great colours!

Some stunning Field Study Glimmer fabric - so so pretty and some vibrant Kaffe -isn't he always!

I have decided already on which Kaffe fabric to back my AMH 9-patch quilt with - the colours are absolutely and most definitely Perfect!! Difficult colour and print to find but I did - I even got 2 freebies of fantastic fat quarters - matching ones to my order, not just some random piece of scrap!

Isn't this a stunner! Hubbie loves this Escher style of pattern - me too!

These are just for me - I love love love love them.


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Hi Bronwyn,
A red letter day is a special day - I found this description that explains it properly....

Red letter day - a day to celebrate

During the 15th century it became customary to mark all feast days and saints' days in red on the calendar whilst other days were in black.

These were days for rejoicing and celebration and so people began to refer to days that had particular significance for them personally as red letter days.

I love finding out what things mean. Enjoy all your pressies, and you loved one being home!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow - your DH is a keeper for sure! Love the stash of magazines - no doubt you will find plenty of inspiration there.

Michelle said...

That is one excellent SMU haul! And you got a ruffler! I'm so jealous! Have been wanting one for ages but didn't want to pay the $150 for it!

Anonymous said...

What a nice guy!!!! Looking forward to having a browse thru those mags........

Karyn said...

thanks so much for the link to the sewing store website - can't beat $3.33 postage anywhere!