Sunday, 6 December 2009

Going 'round the zig-zag bend!

My second block for the ATB swap - Lynn's Zig Zag blocks - boy this was a charmer! Not Lynn's fault at all, but mine for being just a lousy sewer haha!

I did my maths; I did my maths; I DID MY MATHS! I measured before I cut and sewed!

Do you think it came out right??? NOOOOO!

It needed to be a 15.5 in block - well 16.972892 inches later and I was not a happy chappy.

I had even sewn two blocks the wrong way around!!!

So, after gnashing of teeth and a choice word or two, the only option was to unpick each square, remeasure each square, trim each square (most important) and resew!!

Yippee - it worked - I really like it!

Flying over the ocean now - hope Lynn likes it too!

(see the pins? - they were almost in my eyes)

Here is it's mate - G'day Mate!!


Bernadette said...

Oh I hate maths!!! The blocks look fabulous though, well done.

Lynn said...

It looks fantastic! I'm so sorry the block made you resew it! I LOVE how it looks now though!

My name is Wendy . . . said...

Hi there Bronwyn,
I hope you've had a lovely summer break? Ready for a REd & Aqua block swap soon?
I've 'tagged' you for a 7 RED things game ... hope you will play ...?