Monday, 15 February 2010

Brown paper packages....

This is a lovely little example of a red Whirly Gig, which Wendy made for everyone in the R&A swap - the background fabric is a very nice 'tea-stained' homespun - I would not have thought to use this colour - but I really like it!! I'm also doing Half Square Triangles - more red fabric on order!

Our Annual School Grand Fair is coming up next month - so Quilt making I go, for the Silent Auction - I sent an email to the Grand Poopah Organiser (who has taken on soooo much) to ask if the SA is still on (the organisers (some friends) up and left for the country! We still like them!)
Yes came the reply - we would love to have one of my quilts - awwww!
I decided on a very modern style, DS style, very 'tweens' ie 2010 grey and black and chartreuse (great word!):

Brown paper packages.....not tied up with string, but containing piles of delicious colours and fabrics for ATB Swap - sent today!! Got to get off to paid work, so will tell you about it next time!


sewjourn said...

OOOH it's exciting! Is mine in the post or do I have to wait until Saturday????

Katy said...

Love that auction quilt - what great colours

Jandi said...

Beautiful fabrics! Thanks for sharing!