Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I need a Doctor....who?

Did that excellent Dalek sketch stick in your brain for many many minutes? Well here is the final result - the artist is v.v. proud of herself - I am too cos she is one to often knock her ability to draw and paint and won't try as a result.

This is by my 10 year old daughter who, for a very long time, would introduce herself to complete strangers, as David Tennant's WIFE!!  With a grin from ear to ear.

Major Crush Factor in our household.

 or do you like the newbie?


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I am a Dr Who fan from about the same age.

David Tennant is the best of the lot. He is so charming and cheeky.

I also loved him in the show where he played Casanova.

Just lovely!

Well done with the Dalek.

Cathy said...

Ooh yes, we love the Doctor around here too. David Tennant is fabulous, I like Matt Smith, but I think the writers have gone astray, the story lines don't seem to be as good. Amy is gorgeous. Fabulous drawing by the way! xo

Andi said...

It's good to see a whole new generation of Dr Who fans.
Who can go past David Tennant? Yummy!!!

KylieC said...

I have been watching Dr Who for 40 years (shows my age) - from when I was 3 and hid behind my Dad! I do love the new Dr - very cute and cool too. Now my 7 year old son is hooked!

Anonymous said...

I love the drawing!!!! Auntie Joxo

Robyn said...

Hey Bronwyn, you got my attention :-)
I love Doctor Who and yes the Dalek grabbed my attention.

I really loved DT as the Doctor... most of us did and I also think the new guy is having a good bash at it too.
He's funny and quirky and different, so it's all good :-)

Clair said...

Definitely something more "twinkly" about David......but I'm giving the newby a chance.

Judy Ross said...

Cute Dalek! I'm definitely in the David Tennant camp. Matt Smith is cute, but in a pat-him-on-the-head way, not a phwoar! way.

Wendy . . . said...

You're on my blog .... See you Sat?