Friday, 17 September 2010

eye iz sik

Sick of feeling sick - anyone else feeling like hiding under the covers for the next month?  I have been and I think I still will be - any suggestions of a miracle cure for a cold that has lasted 2 -3 months???


Andi said...

I think I've had the same persistent bug.
For me the only remedy is ongoing courses of antibiotics with plenty of thrush remedies on hand.
(Hmm ... too much information? Probably. Sorry about that)
Also, pray for some warmer weather to dry us out a bit.
Good luck with it.
Andi :-)

Lizzie said...

Oh no...! Not good, you need to live in the country, rarefied air up here..! I'm not coming to the big smoke 'till summer....hehehehe

Wendy . . . said...

Hey - not good!
Chicken soup!!!
Um ... good thing we rearranged block swap then ... feel better soon

willywagtail said...

Sorry - no cures. Just know when it is over that you have had it and hopefully won't get it again. SEnding get well wishes across the broad open spaces. Cherrie