Saturday, 14 August 2010

Just some sticky sticks

I've been doing a lot of whirly gigs recently - lots of very cute little red and aqua ones for my swap involving my pal Wendy, cutting 2.5 " squares - BUT - I was desperate to try really huge ones!!
I went wild and cut 5" squares 
and got these lovelies!!

'My Whirly Girls' - base fabric: Kaffe Fassett Mint Spot - oh so delicate and love-er-ly - 
just the right amount of something in the back

                           - feature fabric: Jennifer Paginelli's ranges of Dance with Me, Pretty Please and BellBottoms

I am so attracted to these prints and colours; 

strong sky blues; intense raspberry and eye-hurting flashes of gold; deep deep pinks with a touch of icypole orange

 - the photos are sorta washed out - the hues and tones are more.....intense, striking, in a gentle girly kinda way....clear?

Finally - my first finished swap quilt - hubbie almost falling off his 'perch' in amazement???

I enjoyed more arty-farty fotos - if only I had a big red barn, or some snow covered landscape....none of that round here - just some sticky sticks and some blue sky

It is strange how I was never truly in love with this quilt - I would often say to myself that my feature fabric is just not me, not really - it's just too...floral? country? hmphf?
Hand to heart - it is me - through and through - I keep picking it to snuggle under on the couch - I could pick lots of others - but it's coming with me folks!

Don't listen to what your head says - if your hand lays on a fabric and won't let go - don't!!

I have always called this my Chaletgirl's Block Swap Quilt - well, I've literally just decided - 

new name: Hand on My Heart

Does anyone else call their projects silly names which only they will get?

Friday, 13 August 2010

Folks Love Squares

After doing the Chaletgirl's Block Swap of swapping 9-patch blocks (next post to come - it's finished!), I had a bit of an obsession with 9-patch blocks and just HAD to make another - this time in the rich jewel-like colours of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks range. I had it machine basted (great idea because it keeps the quilt layers solid forever, so there is no pressure on me to quilt the thing straight away - me likey a lot!!), then I fmq'd it to my heart's content - which just means that I made a flower pattern in the centre square and then did big loops in the outer squares of each block.  A narrow edging along each side of the sashing finished it off.
Some binding found at the 11th hour in my stash was ab fab and was obviously hiding there, waiting so patiently for this quilt to be made.

 I have loved making this quilt from start to end - and I have had some pretty positive responses to it: some people have tried to take it home with them; the lady who did the machine basting loved the fabrics 'sooo much' (she must see a lot); the hubbie wants it on the bed; my girls are glad I have 'finally finished one' (they are too cheeky!) and D1 has quiltnapped it for her own bed.

It is christened:

'Folks Love Squares'

'cos they do

On a glorious winter's day in Melbourne, I tried some arty farty shots:

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Back in the saddle

Thank you everyone who gave me such encouraging words - I really appreciate the support and just knowing that others kindov understand and even if they don't, it doesn't matter, they have given me a 'cyber' hug anyway - besides......there is always fabric and chocolate (thanks Clair!)

So...down to business....
Monika's Boxy Stars -from Miss Monny Quilts -  great block to make (when you get it right!) and loved using the blues and greens (two of my fave Neptunes in the pack too!)

Monika asked for a signature block - gee, that mucked up piece that I did has come in rather handy....

This was a challenge for me!!  hand appliqued this piece with a backing to make it easier

Annie's fabric cried out to be used on its own - some raw edge applique - some good, some wonky....

I liked the end result though. Hope Annie does.

Australasian Bee Block again - this time for Nova - some lovely wonky stars of delightful pinks and greens with a white background - this is going to look so pretty!!

A quick baby quilt for my neighbour's new little girl: Amy Claire
using Alexander Henry's Bunnies
This is my second quilt from this range - the colours are so fun and the bunnies and carrots cute as!

I did have a bit of a mental blank, after starting with lots of hourglass pieces of carrots and white - I couldn't get past the 'what next' phase?
Something Kaffe Fassett has said about his own quilts is that he likes to include as many different fabrics as possible; that this seek and find of many patterns and colours is what he enjoys in a quilt, prompted me to pull out many different pinks and greens and just 'go wild'.  
I did enjoy the eclectiveness of this quilt, using stash fabrics I had even forgotten about!

And these are my babies, enjoying a cuddle with little Amy.

A plethora of limes from a neighbour's tree has produced a delicious, finger-licking, eating out of the jar, fight for the last drop Lime Butter

Julie's Lemon Diva Cupcakes are going to have to be next! 
Can you imagine? Lemon Delicious cake with Lime Delicious Butter - heaven!