Saturday, 14 August 2010

Just some sticky sticks

I've been doing a lot of whirly gigs recently - lots of very cute little red and aqua ones for my swap involving my pal Wendy, cutting 2.5 " squares - BUT - I was desperate to try really huge ones!!
I went wild and cut 5" squares 
and got these lovelies!!

'My Whirly Girls' - base fabric: Kaffe Fassett Mint Spot - oh so delicate and love-er-ly - 
just the right amount of something in the back

                           - feature fabric: Jennifer Paginelli's ranges of Dance with Me, Pretty Please and BellBottoms

I am so attracted to these prints and colours; 

strong sky blues; intense raspberry and eye-hurting flashes of gold; deep deep pinks with a touch of icypole orange

 - the photos are sorta washed out - the hues and tones are more.....intense, striking, in a gentle girly kinda way....clear?

Finally - my first finished swap quilt - hubbie almost falling off his 'perch' in amazement???

I enjoyed more arty-farty fotos - if only I had a big red barn, or some snow covered landscape....none of that round here - just some sticky sticks and some blue sky

It is strange how I was never truly in love with this quilt - I would often say to myself that my feature fabric is just not me, not really - it's just too...floral? country? hmphf?
Hand to heart - it is me - through and through - I keep picking it to snuggle under on the couch - I could pick lots of others - but it's coming with me folks!

Don't listen to what your head says - if your hand lays on a fabric and won't let go - don't!!

I have always called this my Chaletgirl's Block Swap Quilt - well, I've literally just decided - 

new name: Hand on My Heart

Does anyone else call their projects silly names which only they will get?


Clair said...

You're so right, that mint spot is just perfect for the background.
BTW....did the hubby come with the swap quilt?.....I just wanted to know if there was some new hubby swapping club floating around the quilt world.

Louise said...

Your swap quilt is divine Bronwyn -really old-fahsioned and scrappy looking. And I LOVE the background fabric!

Kelly said...

Your quilt has turned out fantastically!! Love the name! Im hopeless at naming things. (other then my girls of course!)
Love the whirly gigs too, the background is perfect!

Helen said...

Oh WOW!!!! Its finished and it looks fantastic!!! Have you posted it to flickr? Well done Bronwyn. PS - Hope to meet you at SIT in Sydney next year!

Leah said...

Hey Bronwyn,
Love the WG's and the colours...I like the BiG ones too. Yay for your finished quilt looks ye oldey.