Tuesday, 6 September 2011


My Medallion Quilt has me doing the above...this month the assignment is Triangles - I like triangles...alot...I'm just hopeless at the maths to make them...and make them well!

I've cut my centre piece which I am happy with - but first problem is that it is not an easy size to piece around, due to fussy cutting the owls in the middle.....just do not know how to make triangles fit each edge....so...

Experimenting with ideas;   just a few maybe flying geese along each edge and fill in with fabric - that way I 'd don't have to have exact measurements
or....blocks of different blocks around the centre in an eventual log cabin pattern (or not)

I feel inspiration coming from here

Red Hot Basket

by Stacey - Gorgeous and very INSPIRATIONAL!
 What can I say about this? I love love love it! The colours of predominately aqua and red (which I love), complemented with bright yellow and orange and black - I would not think to do this!!, the block piecing, the fun floating bubbles of butterflies, the seriousness of the blocks on the right and the wonky fun houses on the left, the mini HST around and the giant flying geese, the random little blocks and the fill-in fabrics. I am so impressed!

I've collected a few more lovelies in my Medallion gallery

I think I need this too!
!Collaborative Quilting

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Stacey said...

Hey...that's my quilt!!! Thanks for showcasing here on your blog! I had heaps of fun making it and stretching myself with colours and "liberated" techniques!