Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quilts of talent and making a connection

The beautifully spacious and grand Exhibition building hosting Australian Quilt Convention

Just a few random photos - they were all really lovely - I enjoyed this year alot!!

(I've tried to match quilt with detail, hopefully correct!)

Sarah Fielke

 I think it is stunning!!  Well done artist!!  I particularly love the background fabric - the randomness of the circles complete and chopped up appeals to me, for some reason??

Don't think I have the details of this one - love love love the light pouring through the trees - so so so clever!!!

The Japanese contributions to the Quilt Show were spectacular - I love quilts that are organic, artistic, full to bursting with colour and form and idea and thought and emotion; 
it is what I would love to do one day
if only I had some talent???!!!

Can I just encourage retailers who have a stall at a show like this - SELL you wares; don't just hand it over and take the money, with barely a smile, a word
Give me, the customer, a reason to remember your shop - there must have been hundreds and hundreds of potential new customers to add to your customer base - if you don't interact with the person in front of you, then your business is NOT going to grow!
Upsell to a another product; suggest ideas to go with the pattern just purchased; add a business card; a flyer  with incentives to increase traffic to your online/bricks shop; a reason for people to come back you!

Online shops are plentiful and if you don't make the very most of Every Opportunity handed to you, we, the buying customer will go elsewhere.
Don't complain to me about Aussie shops being undersold by overseas - the ones that do well KNOW how to have a connection with their maybe one-time buyer and that connection is what makes us talk to friends about them, recommend them and ultimately spend our money with them again and again!

Okay, rant over!


Michelle said...

I went on Saturday, for the first time ever. Loved it - I'll be back for sure!

I agree with you about the retailers, but I was really lucky and got absolutely delightful people each time. I was especially impressed with the Quilted Crow - the lady there showed aobut 7 or 8 of us how to aplique clamshells. We were a very captive audience and she was a great teacher - all in 2 minutes! And most of us bought a kit of a pattern from her after. That's the kind of salesmanship I love to see.

Katherine said...

The feather one from the Cocatoo is AMAZING!! I couldn't stop looking at it!