Thursday, 13 December 2012

some things ticked off

It's amazing what clearing your sewing table does for your psyche!

Some annoying little things that keep hanging around like a buzzy mozzie - Look at me, fix me, finish ME!

Okay!! Sheeesh! I can now that I have some semblance of a working table.

The ollllld pair of flanny pjs that were so torn and shredded - now a summer pair of pj shorts!

The self-made printed linen piece now hemmed into a tea-towel!

A very quick and quite nice if I do say so myself pillowcase - made using this great tute for a 15 min pillowcase with French seams - oolala
this will be a Chrissy present for some very lucky person in my family - I have ideas for more super lucky people to receive my heart's labour of love (cough, splutter, grin)

Must only use super soft fabric like Art Gallery and possibly some double gauze Heather Ross I have - oh definitely some old but treasured silky smooth HR poplin

Treasured cheeks need to rest on treasured fabric!


Janine said...


modest or what?

very nice gifts for someone - all

teasing aside:)

Kylie said...

The pillow case looks great. I love the colours. Well done on getting a few of the pesky things sitting around done.