Monday, 22 April 2013

Manna from Heaven

Otherwise known as Liberty of London fabric

12 metres of Tana Lawn, Cotton Jersey and Voile bought from Shaukat - a special adventure taken just by me, while in London with my family for my sister's wedding.
Do you think I'd show pictures of the wedding first? No!  The liberty had to come out for first show and tell!

I had to stop buying cos it was getting too heavy to carry hehehe!

The jersey (bottom flowers) was bought for the Vogue 1250 pattern - I can always dream :)

The next few photos are a lovely pile of 'scraps' bought for 2 and 5 pounds - I'll have that, and that, and that...!!

I fell in love with these antique french scizzors

 and nearly died when I found this Victorian era cushion for 5 pounds.  It is very simple, torn and frayed and I just love it.

Is it your thing too?

I left one out!  Make it 15 metres!! Wahoo!!

I had obviously blocked out of my mind how much I bought, but it just makes me extra happy for the price I got it for.

Is it almost worth the horrible flight over to the otherside of the world to go again??

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Jess said...

Oh my. I am turning rather green - especially over those scraps! Can't wait to see what you make!