Monday, 7 October 2013


Okay my sweet Whippy readers - stuff does still happen here at Whippy Good Whippet-haus.  Freedom has arrived in the form of Uni finish for 2013 - OMG - what a weight is lifted from my thinking brain and broad shoulders hehe!

A little packet of Amy Butlers Soul Blossom charm squares has sat on my desk for a while, looking at me, wooing me over, until I could take it No More - a little or rather, big-little blankie for my sewing machine - the colours are so so so pretty, with a dash of Kaffe thrown in for good measure - the colours scream SPRING to me - maybe a garish Spring but I like that!!

DD2 overpainted a school project that she had never liked and off her own bat, 

created another masterpiece

I saw this in an Oxfam shop window - so much prettier than the photo

and this is a Great Idea for those elusive machines thrown on the side of the road, yeah right, but I do love the succulents!  I want this in my garden!

Just a 'little' montage of my just completed Staple Dress; it was a pdf download, printed out, stuck together, transfered onto interfacing as the template and sewn together!!  I am just a little bit CHUFFED! (As a side note - I like Urban Dictionary's definition no. 3   To be quite pleased with oneself in the manner of a child going potty unassisted. Yes I can go to potty unassisted AND I can sew a dress!!!  Baby, if I can sew a dress, then anyone can, Truly Truly. 

Instructions were great - except for the pockets - I didn't understand one word of it really, but just closed my eyes and crossed my fingers -yes, I did this and sewed at the same time ;)  and they came out Okay!  The shirring didn't quite work either - I decided to just do the back - I got one row to work, but couldn't get the elastic to repeat its magic again....that's fine - I'll wear it with a belt I think, which does the same thing really.

The family were Very Impressed.  "Did you buy that today?"  NO hehehe, I Made It!!  

Wow Mum, it looks Great.....ahhhhh music to a sewer's ears.  Hubbie spotted my excellence in sewing the neck and armhole facings and loved the dress, the colour, the pockets and me in it!
Love that man!!


Unknown said...

Love the dress. Just fab! And as for the desecration that is potting a plant in the side of a Singer.... egads!

Yvonne Campbell said...

The dress is very pretty!

ARTwendy ... said...

loving your DRESS!!! yay ..... love all the pics too .... you should be chuffed!! & that succulent idea is amazing!!