Friday, 20 December 2013

MMQG is open!

Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Inc. is now open for memberships!

This is a great friendly group of ladies (or laydees as one friend likes to pretend) who meet in the fantastic venue of GJs fabric store, in Brunswick.  T-riffic place for a guild to sew in - big, bright, roomy tables and tall cutting tables, mats, irons, and best of all - a quilting/fabric store right at our fingertips!!!

We are not super modern with our sewing - no modern quilting police here!  

We embrace lots of different styles, techniques and really just want to Sew Our Stuff!

We also embrace lots of different personalities: loud, quiet, cheeky, humble, AND we have some killer cooks in our midst - I mean 'good' :)

I have met the most lovely people here and I find every time I go to sew I learn a little bit more about those around me and that we are all the same - you know?  We all have worries, and sickness in the family and children-raising stories and problems with threading the machine or getting a block right and this group allows you to explore these things, talk about these things, bounce ideas and give suggestions, 
Play With Fabric that only quilters and sewers understand.

For those who can't get to Brunswick or any sewing meet here, our Facebook page is perfect to keep in touch with how everyone is going with their quilty endeavours - lots of fun chat, photos, quilty q&a and sometimes a recipe thrown in to boot!!

The current Committee of volunteers have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into getting this group incorporated - these are people who have their own busy lives, their own jobs, family, studies, yet have spent an enormous amount of time and effort into getting this group official.  Bravo to them!

If you are interested in seeing what we are up to, visit HERE to register your interest

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