Saturday, 20 January 2007

My quilting projects to date....

I want to use this blog as a place to record my sewing projects and 'document' the processes (how many s's are there?) no matter how slow and painful it may be to me (and others)- only just a newbie to patchwork and quilting, I have immersed myself into the craft. I love the fabric that I get to stash away and the many projects that run through my mind, as I shelve away my collections.

At the moment, I have 4 quilt tops on my staircase banister, waiting patiently for someone? to finish them off. I have realised that my banister looks totally wrong if there is not a quilt top hanging off it! It is just the right size for a lap quilt. I find that lap quilt sizes suits me - they are not so big that a project starts to bore me, and yet big enough to allow lots of ideas to grow (and great to cuddle under on the couch). I don't make quilts to put on beds - we only have so many beds in the house, so I feel that my quilt making inspiration would soon run out. Making lap or wall hangings allows more quilts to blossom. The only problem is that I keep looking at more material and wanting to make more quilts. I find that the material inspires me, more than a pattern. The pattern is secondary to my need to create. Does anyone else feel that way?

I'll post some piccies of my UFO's soon!

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