Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Bounty

My friend dropped by last night with boxes and boxes of deliciousness! She rang the doorbell and said "I went to the warehouse today and these are for you" Warehouse, what warehouse? Ohhhh - Hoad's (fabric manufacturer) warehouse (she's the PA to the GM). Metres and metres of fabulous linen blends, lots and lots of ticking in chocolate, burnt orange, slate blue, olive. The feel of them is DIVINE! Plus, metres and metres of heavy cotton with birds, fruit, roses, in strawberry, slate, earthy colours.
Here's a picture of a sheet of yummy:

Wait, there's more...

Oodles and oodles of taffeta style pieces in golds, burgandy, wine

Wait, still more....
So much I didn't even open it out: softest blue blue stripe on softest cotton. The blue wouldn't photograph well, so I have put these little lovelies in instead.

More chocolate.....lots of coordinates in a heavy cotton

I've been playing and sorting, sorting and playing for the last hour, just looking and sighing.

These are technically all for the school craft stall, in some form or fashion. How can we do it all justice? How can we turn this fab fabric into a beautiful yet practical thing (or many things as the case may be!) Can people give me some ideas - easy to make, beautiful to hold, practical to use, inexpensive to buy - that's the craft stall's mantra.

Of course, I told my friend that she was not allowed to leave this job of hers - I was serious!


Violet & Rose said...

Dead set jealous!!!!

We are making Christmas stockings and some of that brocadey fabric would look gorgeous made up.

There is always the coasters. And have you seen the CD holder - tute found via sew mama sew.

And the purse organisers. Which are on Miss Marzie's blog.

Hope this helps.

Still jealous.

Laura said...

Wow, it definately is devine! How about totes, journal covers, pillows.

Jodie said...

Would any of it be suitable for little aprons? bags are always popular, could you use it to jazz up those green store grocery bags?
I love the Christmas stocking idea !
How much time do you have before the stall. I have a pattern I could send you...

Jelly Wares said...

What a wonderful friend you have, you are so spoilt! Have you thought about tea towels with the ticking. You could ad a little hand embroibery in one of the corners of an apple or a strawberry (or something like that). What about little scent sachets for you wardrobe or even some little pin cushions. Good luck with it all, I can't wait to see what you come up with.