Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hellllp! Energy Dome Alert!

Did that get your attention?? I need help with lots of ideas as to how to make an Energy Dome Hat aka Devo's signature flower pot hat. Yes, that's is correct - they are officially Energy Domes and please do not mistake them for flower pots (many of us do).
School Trivia Night has muscial theme and hubbie (God love him!) suggests our table dress up as iconic 80's onehitwonders DEVO. We all love Whip It do do do do do crack that whip! (of course WE love Whippets and Whippet Good!) so we are dressing all in black with ......Whips!..... and we have been nominated to provide the red hats (for 8-10 people)

Now, hubbie and I have scrounged Bunnings Hardware store for plastic and otherwise flowerpots - none that fit head, are not too heavy, and are red or can be changed to red. I am getting used to putting unusual objects on my head to feel the energy come from within - but - nothing, nada, siltch!!! $2 shops, reject shops, all nothing. 1 1/2 weeks til Devo unveiling - and I need help.

Has anyone ever attempted anything like this and what with? Please ideas ideas ideas!!!!


Jodie said...

(gulp) I put my thinking cap on !

Anonymous said...

I don't think Devo was a 1 hit wonder. They had a couple other hits (in the US) Peek-A-Boo comes to mind. Anyway, you could carve it out of styrofoam...like the kind used for fake flower arrangements. Then use a rattle-can of red paint.
Good luck!